What is the best cat litter?

One of the main reasons why cats are so prized as pets is that they make their needs in a specific place: the litter box. It could be as simple as putting a box or litter with sand but it is not! Some cats prefer one type of sand and may even refuse to use other types of sand other than their favorite sand.

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In addition, the bad smell of the sandbox is also a factor that cat tutors want at all costs to avoid. Between the smell of the box, the preferences of the cat and the dozens of options on the market, after all what is the best cat litter ? YourCatCareguide wrote this article to answer your question. Keep reading!

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What’s the best cat litter?

Before choosing the best cat litter, it is important that you choose a good litter box .

The problem of urinating or defecating out of the litter box is quite common and is often due to poor choice of tutors. Factors such as the type of box, its size, location and type of sand can influence this behavioral problem of elimination by the house. Moreover, choosing a good box will prevent the problem so uncomfortable that it is every day the cat spread sand .

There are many types of litter boxes available at the pet shops, namely closed sandboxes, sandbox with sieve, automatic sandboxes, etc.

According to experts in feline behavior, the ideal litter box should be at least 1.5 times the size of a cat , so that it allows him to spin around on his own. In addition, the most recommended, according to some studies, are the large and uncovered sandboxes. Anyway, if your cat for some reason has stopped using the litter box , you can experiment with having more than one type of box in different locations in the house to see which one is preferred.

Read our article about the best litter box for cats to know more details about each type of litter and the opinion of the experts on this matter.

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Types of sand for cats

The cat’s preference for making his needs persist in sand from its wild ancestor, the Felis silvestis lybica , African wild cat, desert animal in the sand is the perfect bathroom for him [4] .

With the domestication of the cats, it was necessary to recreate a place that provided the ideal conditions for the cats to perform the natural elimination behavior. That’s how the sandboxes or litters came along. There are different types of cat litter . From absorbent sands, binders and even biodegradable. The market offer is very varied and there are even sands that bring together different characteristics.

Some cats may dislike certain types of sand . In addition, this aversion may be just to urinate or defecate. That is, the cat can urinate on a type of sand and not defecate in this sand or vice versa [1] ! If you have recently changed the type of sand and your cat has started urinating and / or defecating out of his box, this may be the reason!

Another issue to take into consideration is the impact of cat litter on your health. If you or your cat are asthmatic you should avoid types of sand that have too much dust! Consult your doctor about this if you are asthmatic or the veterinarian if it is the case of your cat.

Is silica sand for cats bad?

There are many discussions about the use of silica-based sand and whether it will be toxic to cats. Unlike bentonite, a natural material that is considered harmless if it is ingested by the cat, silica is a chemical compound that can cause intestinal disorders in the cat. So, answering the question is silica cat litter bad? Yes, if the cat ingest it ! In addition, this is not usually the preferred type of sand for cats. But each cat is a different case and you should seek out which one is safest and preferred for your feline.

The aroma of sand is an important factor to take into consideration. Most cats prefer sands without any type of smell. One study revealed that cats prefer pine and fish aroma and avoid citrus and flower scents [5] . So we advise you to take this factor into consideration when choosing your cat’s sand.

If what bothers you most is the smell, there are several tricks to avoid the stench of cat litter, such as adding a little activated charcoal .

Best cat sand

The favorite sand of most cats is that of fine grains , probably because of their softer touch . New binder sands have grains finer than typical clay sands and are more advantageous from tutors’ perspective because they avoid unwanted odors. However, high-quality dust-free clay sands are perfectly acceptable for your cat [2] .

According to the veterinary doctor Amat, Fatjó and Manteca, in the article on the prevention of cats disposal problems, most cats prefer sand binder type and scented sand should be avoided [3] !

There is no ideal cat litter because preferences vary from cat to cat. So, for you to make your choice, take into account the tips that YourCatCareguide gave you and try to offer your cat different types of sand (within the most recommended ones) and find out which one is his favorite! Ideally, find your cat’s favorite sand, which controls the odor and has as little dust as possible.

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