What emotions do dogs feel?

In YourCatCareguide we have no doubt that dogs have emotions . From adopting them to their old age, they show us various feelings ranging from love to jealousy. When we get home they are the first to welcome us with great joy and express sadness when we leave. This is our subjective view, but what do the experts say? For the past 25 years, neuroscientists have provided a wealth of data and studies on canine emotional learning and claim that dogs are perfectly capable of having complex emotions like those of humans.

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Keep reading this article and know what emotions the dogs feel , discover some thoughts about the science behind your pet’s emotions.

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Emotions in dogs and specialists

Science has advanced a great deal, especially in the animal field. We have come to understand that dogs have the same brain structures, hormones and chemical changes that produce the emotions in humans. Each time we discover just how complex they can become. Puppies also have the hormone oxytocin , the one we secrete when we are in love or feel affection for others. That said, you will imagine that yours has tons of this hormone, because what you like best is to give it affection and seek affection on your part.

Studies show that in relation to the basic emotions, humans and other animal mammals we are very identical and these emotions occur in deep areas of the brain. Although these parameters resemble each other, animals are purer in terms of emotions than people.

What happens is that the feelings the dogs feel are not connected with complex thoughts. Dogs do not question their own emotions, they just focus on feeling. Your emotions are 100% honest, your dog could never lie to you, nor have hidden motives about something you are feeling. But this does not make them less sensitive, it does not mean they do not feel intensely, just as we do.

Joy and love

No one can deny that dogs feel a deep love for their human companions , which translates into a loyalty like no other. If you build a good and solid relationship with your pet, your puppy will always want to receive and give love, you will see it with a unique appreciation, it will make you feel loved and appreciated and will demonstrate it constantly. He will try to lick, kiss, and, if he can, to hug him.

In the same way, this love blends with joy. A healthy dog ​​is a happy dog ​​enjoying life. His way of expressing content is through play, jumps and body languages ​​and very spontaneous sounds. Undoubtedly, dogs feel joy . The naturalist Charles Darwin mentioned that “under the expectation of any great pleasure, dogs jump in an extravagant way and lavish joy.”

Emotional Pain

Dogs do not feel emotional pain in the same way as people, but they feel a sense of loss and sadness when a member of their pack (family) leaves or dies. Although they do not cry, they express their loss and distress in another way, such as through fear, depression , loss of appetite, anxiety, too much or too little sleep, or indifference. According to a study carried out, dogs can show various changes in behavior after losing a companion, entering into a grieving process that can last for weeks or even months.


Come home and pet your dogs and one wants all your pampering and affection? Dogs are territorial creatures, even on emotional levels. You are a part of it and it will seek to have your full attention . If you have another dog or someone new to the family, your dog will feel jealous of this “invader” and so the question “what emotions dogs feel” is one of the most common.

Dogs do not appreciate preferences when it comes to another creature, however when it comes to them they feel very comfortable with the idea of ​​not sharing it. This does not have to be a rule. If you breed your dogs with lots of love around you, a sense of trust and independence, plus your due distracting moments, you will not have a jealous dog at home.


O seu cão sabe quando faz algo de mal, como fazer xixi onde não deve, morder, quebrar ou comer algo que não deve. A cara típica de culpado, acompanhada da cauda metida entre as patas, encurvar-se como uma bola e ir para a sua cama ou para um canto, são sinais claros de que o seu cachorro está sentindo vergonha. Estes são comportamentos com os quais os donos de cachorros estão muito familiarizados. Mas para os cães, esta emoção é menos complexa que a culpa ou a vergonha humana. As posturas submissas são o claro resultado de uma ansiosa antecipação a uma repreensão sua. Seu querido e emocionalmente inteligente pet sabe que as suas ações não foram corretas e que o levaram a uma ação disciplinária. No entanto, esta emoção que os cachorros sentem não costuma ser duradoura, pelo que corrigir o comportamento passado um tempo após ter sido realizado não obterá resultados, pois o cachorro já se terá esquecido do que fez mal.


The dogs can also suffer from fears and phobias. They are creatures very sensitive to traumas and strong emotions. How many times have you gone out for a walk with your dog and out of nowhere, he starts running to get between his legs? This is a clear behavior that expresses fear, in which your dog will seek your protection. Fireworks, vacuum cleaners, trucks, people with mysterious costumes and hats and even darkness may be just a few of the factors that cause the excitement of fear in dogs. Therefore, we as their caregivers, we must help them with care, patience, attention and emotional education.

Now that you know what emotions dogs feel, you noticed that your dog expresses something that is not on this list! Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments!

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