What does an ethologist do?

An ethologist is a qualified veterinary professional who has knowledge about dog behavior, needs and communication. This person, more or less experienced, has the necessary knowledge to identify the types of behavior and to help those pets that suffer from problems such as stress or poor socialization.

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Some serious dog behavior problems can take months to resolve and others will depend on the dog.

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How an Ethologist Can Help You

99% of dog behavior problems are a consequence of an improper practice that their owners have in trying to educate them. Among them we can highlight the lack of socialization of the dog , inappropriate punishment systems (shock collar, hangers, aggressions, etc.) and other activities that may be a consequence of ignorance or another segment of owners who do not care about the well- being of your pet.

The ethologist must work with an animal in person and only then can identify what is happening and what are the causes of this behavior, do not trust ethologists at a distance.

Types of problems that ethologists work

More people than you think usually resort to an ethologist and, although we do not want to admit it, we may not be able to communicate properly with our pet , it may be that problems arise from a host or serious problems of stress that we do not know how to solve.

Some therapies that an ethologist can work on are:

  • Stereotypes
  • Aggressiveness
  • Fear
  • Coprofragia
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jealous
  • Socialization
  • Character
  • Apathy

The specialist will identify the causes that make our pet behave in a certain way and with advice, changes in the routine of this and other factors that may, more or less effectively, solve a problem.

We can not say that all ethologists have the solution to our problem, as there are serious cases such as those of dogs used for fights or dogs with a lack of record of socialization. These serious cases will require a lot of time, including years to recover because dog psychology is a complex subject, as is the case with people.

In the shelters we can find serious cases like the ones we mentioned before, so in YourCatCareguide we always remember the importance of educating in a healthy, positive and adequate way our companion animals, beings who have feelings and who need a responsible owner.

How to choose the right ethologist

The task of choosing a specialist is difficult as there are a lot of ethologists in the market today. The important thing is that they meet certain requirements and demonstrate their ability at work:

  • It is important that the specialist is qualified , if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the center.
  • Usually ethologists usually offer a prior budget, giving an estimate of the particular case, this price may vary depending on the problem.
  • Be wary of anyone asking you for money in advance.
  • Look for professional information and opinions on the internet. As with other services it is a good way to get to know one before.
  • Before starting to work you should receive information about the practice you will use and you should never accept anyone who proposes to use punishment methods .

We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have a problem with your pet, it would be ideal to seek the help of a specialist as it is the one who will advise you better and advise on how to educate your puppy.

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