What are the Dragons of Game of Thrones called? (SPOILER)

Everyone has heard of the famous Game of Thronesseries and its incredible dragons, probably the most popular characters in the series. We know that winter is coming, for this reason, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will talk about what are called the dragons of Game of Thrones . But let’s not just talk about it, we’ll also tell you some important details about the look and personality of each one, as well as the moments in which they appear in the series .

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In this article you will learn how to call the Daenerys dragons and everything about each of them. Keep reading!

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Summary of the Targaryen story

Before we talk about the dragons, let’s talk a bit about the Game of Thrones universe:

Daenerys is a member of the Targaryan family whose ancestors, many years ago, conquered Westeros with the power of dragon fire . They were the first to unite the seven kingdoms, which have always been at war with each other,

The Targaryen family ruled the 7 kingdoms for centuries until the birth of the Crazy King , obsessed with the fire that burned all those who contradicted it. He was assassinated by Jaime Lannister during a rebellion organized by Robert Baratheon and has since been known as “the Regicide”.

Daenerys, from the beginning, was forced to live in exile in Western lands, until her brother married her to the chief Dothraki, the powerful Khal Drogo . To celebrate this union, a wealthy merchant offered the new queen three dragon eggs.

After many adventures in Khalasar, Daenerys puts the eggs in a bonfire and also enters, since it is immune to the fire. That’s how the three dragons were born .


  • Personality and Appearance: is the largest of dragons, the strongest and most independent of the three dragons of Daenerys. His name, Drogon, honors the memory of the late husband of Daenerys, Khal Drogo. His scales are completely black but the ridge is red. It is the most aggressive of the three dragons.
  • Moments in which it appears in the series: it is the favorite dragon of Daenerys and is more that appears in the series. In Season Two, she discovers with Drogon that the word “Dracarys” causes him to spit fire. In the fourth season, Drognos kills a child that causes the dragons to be locked in Mereen’s cellars. In the fifth season, Drogon saves Daenerys from the battle in the pit of Daznack. Also present when Daenerys convinces the Dothraki army to join her. In the seventh season, Daenerys rides Dragon to arrive at Kings Landing, where the Lennister live.


  • Personality and Appearance: Viserion is named after Daenerys’s brother, Viserys Targaryen. It has beaked scales and some parts of its body, like the crest, are golden. Still, it is called the “white dragon.” One theory suggests that his name brings bad luck to the Targaryen, but it is undoubtedly the most affectionate and quiet dragon of the three.
  • Moments in which appears in the series: In the second season, Viserion appears next to the brothers in the cage that transports Daenerys until Qarth. In the sixth season, during the disappearance of Daenerys, we can see Viserion chained and starving and that is when Thyrion Lannister decides to free him. In the seventh season, with his brothers, he helps John Snow save his life from the white hikers. But unfortunately, the king of the night stuck an ice spear in his heart and died in that instant. Later, resurrected by the King of the Night , he is converted into part of the white hiker’s army .


  • Personality and Appearance: Rhaegal bears the name of another late Daenerys brother, Rhaegal Targaryen. His scales are green and bronze. It is probably the quietest of the three dragons and is smaller than Drogon.
  • Moments in which he appears in the series : In the second season, Rhaegal appears with his brothers in the small cage that transports Daenerys to Qarth. In the sixth season, during the disappearance of Daenerys, Viserion and Rhaegal are released by Trhyrion Lannister. In the seventh season, he appears again when they help John Snow save his life before the white hikers. In another scene, we can still see a very special moment between him and the famous bastard.

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