What does a dog feel when owners leave home?

Leaving the dog alone at home is a sad time for any owner. Sometimes, although we leave for a short time, we are left wondering how he will be, what he will be doing or if he is missing us.

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But you should know that your dog also thinks of you during this time. Because you are his best friend after all, so it would be normal to be thinking about his human.

What does a dog feel when owners leave home ? In this article by YourCatCareguide, we explain everything that goes through the head of your four-legged friend when you are away from home.

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1. They are sad

The dogs are able to remember the different habits that you have in the day to day, when you pick up the keys you know you are going to take a walk and open the closet you know you will eat. For that reason, before they leave, they already know that they are leaving . They know him perfectly.

When you leave home, it is inevitable to feel sad because they do not like being alone. They are social animals and like to share all the moments of their lives with whom they love.


If before you leave home you have devoted your dog a good deal of time with a good dose of exercise, it is likely that he will fall asleep without realizing that you are not there.

Dogs generally rest when the house is quiet, but it is inevitable that any noise will wake up. Opening a plastic bag, jogging around the house or the smell of tasty food are some of the things that quickly wake your puppy’s sleep.

So most of them take advantage of the fact that you are not at home to rest without interruption. And if it can be on the couch or in your bed, even better!

3. They get bored and they get pranks

When you’ve had enough rest, the dogs start to feel bored that they have not come back because they feel like seeing you. At this point they start to feel nervous about being home alone and with nothing to do.

At this point, dogs suffering from separation anxiety may begin to do their pranks: crying, barking, biting objects, and even urinating . It is very important not to reprimand a dog that suffers from this problem, it should offer you toys and accessories to if you can distract. You can also think about adopting a furry companion for your best friend.

Dogs that do not go through this problem simply play with their toys, take a walk, drink water, … They try to entertain themselves with what they can or continue to rest.

4. Stay near the door, on the porch or look out the window

When they have slept, they have rested, they have already made theirs and they have nothing to do, they wait and try to see if you are almost home. It is customary for the dogs to try to look out the window to see if you return home as soon as possible.

For this reason it is very important to take into account the security measures of your home. Do not forget that the dog has intelligence comparable to a small child, as it can fall off the porch in an attempt to hunt a pigeon, for example.

But the preferred place for him to wait for you is undoubtedly at the door . That way you’ll be close to welcome him when you come back in an exaggerated way.

5. Go crazy with your arrival

Being alone is rather annoying for your dog, but there may be something good: the fact that you come back to him . To prove day after day that you always return to him is a demonstration of love that your dog recognizes and waits with much will. He is very happy whenever he sees you open the door again and greets him with great affection.

The dogs get very excited whenever someone opens the door, who has not seen your pet go round and round, jump over you and even urinating with emotion ? Your dog likes you and wants to spend a lot of time on your side!

Never forget that you have friends and a social life away from home, but he only has you , so always remember him and do not spend too much time away from your best friend, he needs you!

And you, you know what dogs feel when they’re alone?

Many people are tempted to leave a camcorder on to see what dogs do when you leave home, as this is a big question for any best friend of a dog. If you know what your dog does when he leaves the house, leave a comment and share everything with us!

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