Weimaraner – common diseases

The Braim of Weimar or Weimaraner is a dog originating from Germany. He has light gray and light eyes that draw much attention and make him one of the most elegant dogs in the world . In addition, this dog is an excellent life companion since it has a kind, affectionate, loyal and patient character with all members of the family. It is a dog that needs a lot of physical activity because it is very dynamic and accumulates energy easily.

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Weber arms are healthy dogs and strong, can suffer from some diseases, mainly of genetic origin. So whether you live with a Weimar arm or are planning to adopt one, it is important that you be well informed of all aspects of the race’s life, including the health problems it may have. For this reason, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will summarize the diseases of the weimaraner breed .

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Gastric torsion

The gastric torsion is a common problem in large breeds, large and some medium as arm of Weimar. It occurs when dogs overfill their stomach with food or liquid and especially if they then exercise, run or play. The stomach dilates because the ligaments and muscles can not withstand excessive weight. Dilation and movement cause the stomach to turn about itself, that is, it twists. Consequently, the blood vessels that irrigate the stomach can not function properly and the tissue in and out of this organ begin to necrotic. In addition, the retained food begins to produce gas that swells the stomach.

This is a critical situation for the dog’s life, so always be aware when your dog eats or drinks in excess. If your dog ran or jumped shortly after eating and starts to vomit without being able to, he is apathetic and his belly starts to swell, run to the veterinary emergency because he needs surgery!

Hip and elbow dysplasia

One of the most common diseases of weimaraner puppies is hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. Both diseases are hereditary and usually appear around the 5/6 months of age. Hip dysplasia is characterized by a poor formation of the coxofemoral joint and the elbow joint a bad formation in the articulation of this zone. Both situations can result from a mild limp that does not prevent the dog from leading a normal life to a situation where the dog limps more severely and can have a total incapacitation of the affected area.

Spinal dysraphism

The spinal dysraphism is a term that covers various types of spinal problems in the spinal canal, mediodorsal septum and neural tube of the fetus and may affect in different ways the health of the dog. The Weimar arms have a genetic predisposition for these problems, especially for spina bifida . In addition, this problem usually comes to be associated with other problems of faulty fusion of the spine.

Weimaraner skin diseases

Wieimaraner are genetically predisposed to have some types of skin tumors .

The cutaneous tumors that appear most frequently are hemangioma and hemangiosarcoma . If you notice any lumps on your dog’s skin, you should go to the clinic immediately for the vet to evaluate and diagnose to act quickly! Do not forget the regular reviews with the veterinarian, in which the specialist can detect some changes that went unnoticed.

Distilled and entropy

Distichiasis is not a disease itself, it is more a condition with which some puppies are born, which may derive from some eye diseases. It is also known as ” double eyelashes ” because on one eyelid there are two rows of eyelashes. It usually happens on the lower eyelid although it is also possible to occur in the upper eyelid or even both at the same time.

The main problem of this genetic condition is that the excess of eyelashes causes friction on the cornea and an excessive lacrimation. This constant irritation of the cornea often leads to eye infections and even entropion.

The entropion is one of the most common diseases in weimaraner puppies, although this is not one of the breeds that most often have this ocular problem. As mentioned, the fact that the eyelashes are too long in contact with the cornea leads to irritation, minor wounds or swelling. Thus, the eyelid folds into the eye , causing a lot of pain and greatly reducing the visibility of the dog. In cases where no drugs are administered and if no surgery is performed, the animal’s cornea may be irrecoverable.

For this reason you should be very careful about the hygiene of the eyes of your weimaraner puppy and always be aware of any signs that may arise in the eye apart from regularly visiting the veterinarian.

Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease

Type A hemophilia is an inherited disease that affects weimaraner dogs which causes slower blood clotting during bleeding. When a dog has this illness it hurts and gets injured, his guardian has to run with him to the vet to be able to control the hemorrhage with specific medication.

This type of coagulation problem can range from mild anemia to more serious problems including death. For this reason, if you know that your dog has been diagnosed with this problem, be sure to notify him whenever you change veterinarian so that he takes precautions if, for example, he does surgery.

Finally, another of the most common diseases of weimaraner dogs is von Willebrandsyndrome or disease which is also characterized by a genetic clotting problem. Therefore, as in haemophilia A, when there is bleeding, it is more difficult to stop it. This frequent illness in the Weimar dogs has several degrees, being able to be only light or very serious.

The main difference between these two problems is that haemophilia A is caused by a problem with coagulation factor VIII , whereas von Willebrand disease is a problem of von Willebrand coagulation factor , hence the name of the disease.

This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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