Walking with a dog before or after eating?

If you live with a dog, you should know that walking with him daily is a healthy act for him, for you, and for your union. Rides are an essential activity for the welfare of the dog.

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The amount of exercise recommended varies depending on the physical characteristics or the breed of the dog. But without a doubt, all dogs need to exercise within their possibilities and limitations because this is the best way to prevent dangerous canine obesity .

In addition, it is essential to know how to reduce the risks that can derive from the practice of physical exercise, such as gastric twisting. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will answer the following question: Ride with a dog before or after eating?

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Walking the dog after eating is not always appropriate

Walking the dog after he eats allows him to establish a routine so he can urinate and defecate on a regular basis. This is the main reason why many tutors walk their dog immediately after meals.

The main problem of this practice is that we increase the risk of the dog suffering a gastric twist , a syndrome that causes the dilatation and twisting of the stomach , affecting the blood flow in the digestive system and can cause the death of the animal if not treated in time.

The exact cause of gastric twisting is not yet known but it is known that this problem is more common in large dogs that ingest large amounts of liquid and food. Also know that exercising after eating can facilitate the appearance of this problem .

Thus, one way to prevent this serious problem is not to walk the dog immediately after meals. However, if you have a small, elderly dog, who has little physical activity and moderate amounts of food, it is difficult for him to have a gastric twist as a result of a light stroll on a full stomach.

Walk the dog before eating to prevent gastric twisting

If your dog is large breed and requires a lot of physical activity daily , the most recommended is not to walk after eating, but rather before, in order to prevent gastric twisting.

In this case, after the walk leave your dog to calm down before eating , let him rest for a while and give him food only when he is calm.

At first, he can do the necessities in the house (especially if he was not accustomed to walking before eating) but as he gets used to the new routine will regulate the evacuation.

Symptoms of gastric twisting in the dog

Leaving the dog for a walk before meals does not completely eliminate the risk of a gastric twist, so it is important that you recognize the clinical signs of this problem:

  • The dog belches (belches) or suffers from abdominal cramps
  • The dog is very restless and is complaining
  • Vomits foamy saliva in abundance
  • Features a hard and swollen abdomen

If you detect any of these signs, rush urgently to the veterinarian.

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