Vitamins for dogs’ joints

The joints are a key part of the locomotor system, thanks to them the dog has freedom of movement, can meet his needs for physical exercise and can mainly relate to his external environment.

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As popular wisdom indicates, “prevention is better than cure”, so it is not necessary for the dog to suffer a joint pathology to give attention to these structures, what is important is to take care of them in a natural way to avoid any complications.

In this Animal Expert article we talk about vitamins for the joints of dogs .

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What is a joint and what are its functions?

Just as humans have joints, these structures are also present in the dog’s locomotor system.

A joint can be defined as the junction between two bones , however, it is a complex structure that has several parts, such as the capsule and synovial membrane, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, among others, once that depending on the mobility of a joint this will be composed of one form or another

The function of the joint is primarily to allow mobility and cushion the impacts , preventing both ends of bones from rubbing against each other and wear out.

When should we pay special attention to the dog’s joints?

As owners, we must defend a responsible guard, this means that since the adoption of the dog we must give him hygienic, dietary, sanitary and affectionate care to cover all your needs and give you the highest quality of life possible.

Through food and physical exercise we should always seek to maintain a good health of our dog, but we should also be especially concerned with the following cases :

  • Large dogs predisposed to suffer from hip dysplasia
  • Overweight or Obese Dogs
  • Old dogs
  • Dogs that perform activities of great joint impact, for example, that jump or run on a regular basis
  • Dogs that have suffered some type of trauma

Vitamins to maintain dog’s joint health

The nutritional requirements that the dog presents should be satisfied mainly through feeding , however, in those cases necessary can be realized a nutritional supplementation based on vitamins of particular importance for joint health:

  • Vitamin C : In addition to being an excellent antioxidant vitamin, vitamin C or ascorbic acid promotes the internal synthesis of collagen, a complex protein that forms the cartilage and is present in all joints.
  • Vitamin D : Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and for the fixation of the same in the bone tissue, so it is important to strengthen bones and prevent joint wear.
  • Vitamin A : Vitamin A is another powerful antioxidant and reduces the damage that free radicals can cause on the joints. This vitamin decreases inflammation and prevents loss of joint mobility.

Never give your dog a vitamin supplement without medical supervision since the veterinarian is the person who can best advise you which product to choose and also indicate how it should be used and for how long.

Stay alert to symptoms of joint disease

Your dog can suffer a joint disease despite the care that has managed to give it, and in this case it is convenient to know what are the main symptoms of this type of diseases:

  • Overwhelms (deep breathing)
  • Lost interest in any kind of activity
  • Walk slowly and stiffly
  • Do with difficulty the daily activities
  • Shows restlessness and pain
  • May have a slight limp and walk sideways

If you notice any of these symptoms go to the veterinarian as soon as possible , as rapid detection may determine the prognosis.

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