Veterinarian who posed with dead lion, died hunting

Luciano Ponzetto was 55 years old and became famous for sharing several photos of his infamous hunts along with the animals he killed. One of the photos that caused most revolt was a photo that Luciano took with a lion that had just killed. After sharing this photo this poacher received several death threats and there even was a page on facebook dedicated exclusively to denounce their atrocities.

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In YourCatCareguide we do not want to form any exaltation of death either of people or animals, however this is a death that unfortunately deserves to be reported by us. Keep reading and notice how everything happened and how the photographer died that posed with a dead lion.

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The story of Luciano Ponzetto

Luciano Ponzetto was a veterinarian with a clinic in Turin, Italy, and a year ago became famous for the worst reasons. This veterinarian who one day promised to save lives, began to share photos of his hunts along with the animals he killed. The photo that most viralizada was his photo along with a lion that had just killed.

All this exuberance raised a great controversy in the social networks and caused that Luciano would receive several death threats.

However these threats never discouraged and continued their hunts.

How Luciano Ponzetto died

The last hunt of this veterinarian who had landed with a dead lion would prove fatal.

Allegedly Luciano Ponzetto will have fallen from a ravine 30 meters high while hunting birds and will have had an immediate death, nothing can be done to save it. The warning was made by someone accompanying him on that hunt and his body was then recovered by helicopter.

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