Can a dog fall in love with a human being?

The dogs are very sociable animals that enjoy the company of those who love them and take care of them. The emotional capacities of the dog are well known in which we include sadness, joy and the fact that we can fall in love, but is this love the same as we do not know it?

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If you basically wonder if your dog can fall in love with a person, its owner, or a woman, the answer is yes . Actually, dogs can feel love, lots of love!

Continue reading this article from Animal Expert in which we answer the question, Can a dog fall in love with a human being? Find out what feelings your puppy has for you.

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The opinion of the Expert

Among the professionals of canine psychology we find the ethologists , veterinarians who specialize in the behavior of dogs: they are experts with a high level of training.

Ethologists claim that dogs are capable of feeling emotions such as sadness, anxiety, stress, joy, and love. What happens is that on some occasions they express themselves differently from what we are accustomed to and so we are unable to identify.

Or what do we understand by love?

The dog is a noble and faithful animal that admires, venerates and protects who shows the same feelings to him (even some mistreated dogs like their owners), that is, it is an animal with a big heart.

We do not know to what extent the dog can fall in love with someone or when their feelings are intense. This we should discover with our best friend, of course, whenever his love does not pose a problem as is the case with jealousy .

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