Types of Puppy Toys

In addition to taking walks with your dog in which he plays, runs, chases each other and throws himself into the grass with him, we can buy toys that increase the fun and break with the routine. In addition, it is very positive that you play at home with some of these toys when we are away to avoid suffering from anxiety or stress.

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Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide, we will know the types of toys for puppies that exist to know with which they can play alone, with which we play with them and with which they can play only if we are watching.

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Benefits of Puppy Toys

The game is a fundamental factor for the correct development of our dog and to keep it healthy and strong. Neglecting the fun of our dog can result in the onset of disorders such as anxiety, stress or even depression. Besides, we’ll only get an apathetic, annoying, and most likely, sad dog.

Thus, toys bring multiple benefits to our dog that go beyond simple fun. For the dogs it is a great relief and helps them withstand the pain that causes the appearance of the teeth. It allows us to strengthen the bond with the adult dog, control the bites and develop his mind. And for the elderly dog ​​are a great help to delay cognitive deterioration.

If our dog spends many hours alone at home, the toys help us provide the entertainment and companionship they need in our absence. But which toy should we choose? You should know that there are different types of toys, each with a different function and characteristics, which we will have to choose, mainly according to their age and size.

Toys for pulling

When we talk about pull toys we are talking about rope toys , where the dog pulls on one side and we on the other. As we are the rational being we have to play with care , that is, pull up to a certain point, let him win a few times and some not, as well as set rules in the game to avoid getting hurt. For example, if you bite past a point, you can stop the joke. These toys also serve for two puppies to play with each other, although they should always be around to make sure they do not exceed the limits.

This type of dog toys are specially made to play with and to create a bigger bond with our dog. With these toys we can practice “quiet” orders and also allow us to teach them that there are moments of play and moments in which we better stop.

Search Toys

This type of toy also allows us to reinforce the bond with our dog and to start to practice a more advanced training, therefore we must teach them both to go get the toy and to bring it. Within this category of toys we distinguish two major types:

  • Balls : it is essential to distinguish the balls to get from the mordedoras. So to teach our dog to bring the ball we must use balls made of soft or soft materials, so that when picking them from the ground or while running do not hurt their teeth. They can be rubber, fabric, silicone or even tennis balls that do not weigh too much and are flexible. If your puppy often chews toys or spoils them, this type is not the best option.
  • Flying saucers : They should be rubber because the plastic is harmful to your teeth. Flying saucers are a good hobbie for both the dog and us. These discs are just for when we are with them, we can not leave them alone with these toys because they can get hurt.

Intelligence games

Intelligence toys increase our dog’s ability to concentrate, keep you entertained while streamlining your mind and stimulating it . They enable you to carry out tasks that help you learn how to make decisions and improve your creativity.

Usually they are boards where there are several tokens that cover a reward, the dog has to take the chips until finding out where his prize is. We must be present in this type of games, to make sure that you can get the chips without problem and that does not get frustrated, as it is supposed to be something fun and not a problem. You must be there to help you the first few times you play this game, until you see that they take the prize and they do it alone without our help, but before our presence. Remember that there are smarter breeds than others, so it is important that you do not be nervous if you see that your dog takes longer to find the reward.

Snapping toys

Teething toys are often made of hard, high-strength , virtually unbreakable rubber . They are made for the dog to play alone with them, to discharge their energy and to generate serotonin to keep themselves happy and above all quiet. For all those dogs that like to destroy all the furniture of home , this type of toys are ideal. Being very difficult to break, you will never tire of playing with them.

In addition, they are also perfect for puppies for many reasons. Most importantly, they help us teach them how to control bites, which may or may not bite, and relieve the pain they feel due to the development of teeth. However, it is suitable for all ages and races.

We usually find these toys in the form of weights , but more and more they are made with different designs, like ball, oval, etc.

Food Dispensing Toys

These toys are ideal for our puppy to play alone at home , without our presence. They are perfect for dogs suffering from separation anxiety , who are not accustomed to spending long moments alone or when they are puppies, because it keeps them entertained and allows them to escape from the state of solitude.

The best for this are food dispensing toys , among which we can find different modalities like these:

  • Kong : Kong at its source is a toy in the shape of a snowman that inside may contain some kind of special treat for dogs, rations or other dog food, so as to make the dog move it and bite to get from within your prize . In addition, in the summer you can put it in the refrigerator to stay cool and fresh, for your dog to enjoy even more. It is very easy to wash and we do not have to worry about leaving it alone with it. They are usually made from a highly resistant material to bites, reason why they are perfect for all type of dogs.
  • Kong bone : from the original Kong were made several bone-shaped variants, but the idea is the same, an object with a shape or another from which foods come out if you bite or tinker.
  • Dispensing Ball : intended the same as previous toys, although it is most advisable for short periods and not long absences at home, since our puppy will tire before this system. On the other hand, it makes no noise and is easy to wash.

Choosing the perfect toy

When choosing one or several toys for our dog we must bear in mind several factors: toy goal, age of the dog and size.

We want the toy for what?

If we intend to provide a toy to our puppy to replace our presence and keep it entertained while we are away, as we refer to the perfect toy is a food dispenser. While if what we want is to strengthen the bond with our dog, have fun with him and teach him new orders, the toys to pull and search are ideal. Finally, we must resort to biting toys to treat behavior problems such as the destruction of furniture or provide the dog with entertainment while we do other tasks at home.

Toys for puppies

As we have mentioned, the most recommended for puppies are biting toys. However, if our small dog is smart enough to learn basic orders , we can provide you with search toys and start teaching you how to bring the ball.

Toys for small dogs

Keep in mind that the jaw of a small breed dog, such as the Chihuahua, is not the same as that of a large breed. Starting from this base, we should look for toys that suit it, that is, small ones. On the other hand, since small breeds usually accumulate a large amount of tartar in the teeth, in addition to the toys the most appropriate for them is to acquire pressed bones so that they can gnaw and reduce plaque.

Toys for medium and large puppies

We should also adapt the size of the toy to that of your dentures, to avoid that a large dog swallows a small toy or the medium-sized toy can not catch it because it is too large. In addition, weight is also important. Toys made with hard rubber, very heavy, are ideal for dogs of large and giant breeds because they can play with them at will and have fun without breaking them.

Medium-sized dogs considered as hunters, such as the Beagle or Podenco, although they have a smaller size also have a good bite of teeth. So we can give them a little heavier toys, always adapted to their size. On the contrary, for the quieter medium puppies, it is better to opt for pull or search toys.

The Importance of Understanding Your Dog

Although we should look for toys that fit the age and size of the dog, it is critical to understand their personality and behavior. Although our puppy is small breed, if we see that it has a need to bite high, we must provide them with toys bitters. It is crucial that we do not forget these topics and give our puppy the toy he needs.

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