Types of terrestrial hedgehog

Do you like land urchins? In YourCatCareguide we are great admirers of this small mammal with short spines and narigudo. It is an independent and beautiful animal that undoubtedly has a singular and attractive aspect.

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Next we show the different types of terrestrial urchins so that you can know their physical aspect, where they are and some curiosities related to the hedgehogs.

Continue reading this article on the types of land urchins and let yourself be surprised by the erinaceusand everything that is related to these small mammals.

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European Hedgehog or Hedgehog

The European hedgehog or erinaceus europaeus lives in several European countries such as Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, among others. It is also known only as terrestrial hedgehog.

Usually it measures between 20 to 30 centimeters and all it has a characteristic dark brown aspect. It lives in forest regions and can live up to 10 years.

Eastern Dark Hedgehog

The Eastern Dark Hedgehog or Erinaceus concolor looks very much like the European hedgehog although it differs by a white spot on its chest. It can be found in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Unlike the European hedgehog, the eastern dark does not dig, prefer to make nests of herbs.

Bald Eagle Hedgehog

We find the Balkan hedgehog or ericaneus romumanicus throughout Eastern Europe although its presence has spread to Russia, Ukraine or the Caucasus.

It differs from the two previous species by its slightly different jaw, although outwardly it reminds us of the common European hedgehog has a white chest.


The amur or erinaceus amarensis live in Russia, Korea and China among other countries. It measures about 30 centimeters and its physical aspect is of light colors although a little brownish.

White-beaked Hedgehog

The white- spotted or atelerix albiventris comes from sub-Saharan Africa and inhabits regions of the savanna and crop fields of the populations.

We can observe a totally white body where it emphasizes its dark head. It has very short legs and it surprises to have only four fingers on the hind legs.

Atelerix algirus

This hedgehog ( atelerix algirus ) is smaller than the previous ones, reaching about 20 centimeters in length.

It lives in all of North Africa including Morocco and Algeria although today it remains in this wild by the Mediterranean coast that includes the region of Valencia or Catalonia. It has light colors and shows a bifurcation in the spines of the ridge.

Somalia Hedgehog

The Somalia hedgehog or atelerix sclateri is effectively endemic to Somalia and has a white belly while its parasitic reptiles are usually brown or black.

South African hedgehog

The South African hedgehog or atelerix frontalis is a brown hedgehog that inhabits countries such as Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, among others.

Although its black paws and brownish hue can be highlighted, the South African hedgehog has a characteristic white fringe on its forehead.

Egyptian Hedgehog or Eared Hedgehog

The next in this list of hedgehogs is the Egyptian hedgehog or eared hedgehog , also known as Hemiechinus auritus . Although it actually inhabits Egypt it can be found in many regions of Asia where it has been spreading.

It stands out for its long ears and short spines, fact that makes that it prefers to escape instead of curling like method of defense. It’s really fast!

Hedgehog of India

Although its name closely resembles the previous hedgehog we can point out that the eared hedgehog of India or hemiechinus collaris looks very different.

It is relatively small and has dark colors. As a curiosity we emphasize that this hedgehog performs a whole dance ritual to conquer females for days.

Gobi Hedgehog

The Gobi Hedgehog or Mesechinus dauuricus is a small solitary hedgehog that lives in Russia and northern Mongolia. It measures between 15 and 20 centimeters and is protected in these countries.

Central China Hedgehog

The next on the list is the central China hedgehog or hughi mesechinus and is endemic to China.

Desert Hedgehog

The desert urchin or Ethiopian hedgehog or paraechinus aethiopicus is a very difficult hedgehog, because when it curls into a ball, it points its thorns in all directions. Its colors can range from dark brown to light brown.

Hedgehog from India

The Indian hedgehog or paraechinus micripus originates in India and Pakistan and has a spot resembling a mask very similar to that of the raccoon. He lives in high mountain regions where he has plenty of water.

It measures six inches and is quite fast though not as much as the eared hedgehog. We also note that this hedgehog has a very varied diet which includes frogs and frogs.

Brandt Hedgehog

The Brandt Hedgehog or Paraechinus hypomelas measures a 25 centimeters and has big ears and a dark body. We can find it in parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen. In cases of threat it tends to curl up with a ball although it also uses a “jumper” attack to surprise its attackers.

Paraechinus nudiventris

Finally we bring you the paraechinus nudiventris as it was believed that it was extinct until recently it was said that there are still specimens in India.

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