Types of Siamese cats

Siamese cats come from the ancient kingdom of Siam (present-day Thailand), and it was once said that only royalty could have this feline breed. Luckily, these days, any cat lover can enjoy this great and cute pet.

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In fact, there are only two types of Siamese cats: the modern Siamese cat and the so-called Thai, the ancient type from which the current Siamese come from. The latter had as main characteristic to be of white color (sacred color in Zion) and to have the face slightly rounder. His body was slightly more compact and round.

At YourCatCareguide we will inform you about the different types of Siamese cats and thais present.

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The Siamese and their Character

A common physical feature in Siamese cats is the spectacular bright blue color of their eyes.

Other relevant features in Siamese cats are how clean they are and how tender they are to be with the people around them. They are even very patient and proactive with children.

I met a couple who had a Siamese cat as a pet and they told me that their daughters dressed the cat in doll dresses and hats, as well as strolling in a baby stroller. Sometimes they would also walk the cat sitting at the wheel of a toy plastic truck. By this I mean that Siamese are really patient with children, in addition to being kind to them, something we can not see in other cat breeds.

Color Types of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are now distinguished by their color , since their morphology is very similar. His body is handsome, elegant and elastic, despite having a well defined muscular constitution that makes them very agile.

The colors of your hair can range from white cream to dark brown gray , but always with a very special feature on your face, ears, paws and tail, which makes them very different from other feline breeds. In body zones mentioned, their body temperature is lower, and in Siamese cats the fur of these parts is much darker, almost black or clearly black, which together with the blue characteristics of their eyes define them and distinguish them sharply from other breeds.

Next, let’s talk about the various colorations of Siamese cats.

Clear Siamese Cats

  • Lilac pont , is the Siamese cat of light gray coloration. It is a very beautiful and common tone, but it must be taken into account that the Siamese cats darken their tonality with age.
  • Cream point , it is creamy or light orange hair. Cream or ivory color is more common than orange. Many puppies are very white when they are born, but in only three months they change their coloration.
  • Chocolate point , the Siamese is light brown in color.

Dark Siamese Cats

  • Seal point , is the Siamese cat of dark brown color.
  • Blue point , so called Siamese cats with dark gray.
  • Red point , are the Siamese cats of dark orange coloration. It is an unusual color among the Siamese.

Standard color variants

There are two other types of variation among Siamese cats:

  • Tabby point . This name is given to Siamese cats that have a tabloid pattern but are based on the colors referred to above.
  • Tortie point . Siamese cats with reddish spots receive this name, precisely because this color resembles the scales of a tortoise.

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