Types of sand for cats

An essential material if you intend to adopt a feline as a pet is the cat litter, which you should deposit in a litter box. The cat will urinate and do your needs. Therefore, this sand must possess certain qualities to effectively fulfill its function. The main characteristics that these materials must have are the following: absorption capacity, being deodorants and, if possible, they are economical.

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Continue reading the YourCatCareguide and discover the different types of cat litter and its main characteristics.

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Types of sand for cats

There are basically three types of cat sand in the market today: absorbent, binder and biodegradable . The absorbent sands, as its name implies, absorb the fluids and largely deodorize them. On the other hand, the banding sands agglomerate around the faeces and urine, creating clots or clumps of easy elimination. And finally, the biodegradable sands are produced through recyclable vegetable elements. In addition, there are types of mixed cat sand (the most expensive), which combine several characteristics.


Sepiolite is a type of mineral porous, soft and fibrous (phyllosilicate), which in its highest qualities is also called sea foam, used to carve delicate pipes, cameos and other jewels. It is a class of sand clearly of the absorbent type.

In its normal quality it is used industrially as an absorbent. It is useful in marine oil spills as it absorbs the crude oil and keeps it floating, which facilitates its subsequent recovery. It is also used in automobile accidents to absorb spilled oils and fuels and can be swept with a broom after application.

As cat litter is the most economical and effective material whenever you move regularly. It is a material to use and play outside , simple and uncomplicated.


This sand is very absorbent . Generally, it is presented in silica beads, also called silica gel. It is an economical sand of absorbent type.

This type of sand mixes the silica mineral with zeolite , with which an extremely absorbent and deodorizing material is achieved. In addition, silica is one of the most widely scattered materials in the world, meaning its price is often reduced.

Sometimes this cat litter has perfumes. At YourCatCareguide we do not advise this type of product with perfumes. There are cats that do not like the chemical essences used in these sands and end up urinating in other parts of the house .


Bentonite is a fine grain clay with absorbent power. However, it is considered as a binder type sand . This material glues around urine and cat feces, making it easier to extract and prolong the life of this cat litter.

The bentonite binding sand is more expensive than that of silica and sepiolite.

Biodegradable sands

This type of cat sands are made entirely of plant materials such as wood, straw, recycled paper and vegetable waste. It is not as absorbent or odorless as other types of sand, but its low price and its 100% recyclability is interesting.

With this type of sands there is the convenience of disposing of them through the private. They may also be thrown into the container of organic waste.

Tricks to improve sand for cat

One simple trick to improving the quality of cat litter , whatever it may be, is to pour it in a strainer first and shake it into a trash bag. The powder will pass through the strainer holes and will stop inside the garbage bag, leaving the sand free from this uncomfortable dust. With the sand completely clean you can already pour in your cat’s sandbox without worrying that it will soil the paws and leave leaving footprints along the way.

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