Types of dog food

The types of dog food and those that are recommended or not can vary depending on who informs you about this complex subject.

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If you have questions about food, damp food or home diets, you have entered the right place, although you should be aware that your dog’s needs will differ depending on the size or physical activity.

Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide to know more about the different types of dog food .

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What a dog needs

We should reinforce the fact that the dog is a carnivorous animal . In nature, a dog will eat exclusively meat, and as a consequence of hunting, will also include in its diet fruits or vegetables already digested in the intestine of their prey.

We should look closely at the percentages of both feed and moist food to understand whether it is a suitable food or not and yet we will come to the conclusion that there is no single perfect diet.

This is why many practitioners agree that variety is the key to proper nutrition .

The dry ration

If you are looking for a quality dry dog ​​food for a healthy adult, you should check the percentages indicated on the carton. Here is some advice:

  • The dry feed should have at least about 30% or 40% protein . Although it usually comes from only one type of meat, it is beneficial to your health to variety between meats and even fish.
  • About 20% of fruits and vegetables is totally acceptable.
  • The fats and oils should be about 10% or 20% of the total feed.
  • The cereal content of the food should be low and preferably rice. If the corn content is high, this can cause your dog a slow and difficult digestion. Carbohydrates are not needed for your food. If you see a percentage of 6% is an indicator of a ration of very poor quality.
  • The fibers should not exceed 1% or 3% .
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 should be present, as well as vitamins E, calcium and phosphorus.

Other advice:

  • If the word flour is mentioned then it is an indicator that both meat and vegetables include all kinds of extras: intestines, bones, leaves, …
  • It is correct that the feed offers between 200 and 300 Kcal per 100 grams.
  • Avoid by-products and meats that offer collagen.
  • Opt for a cooked ration rather than an extruded one.
  • The ration favors the disappearance of tartar in the dog’s teeth.

The wet food

The moist food is made up of 3/4 parts water and is quite accepted by your pet since it is easy to chew and palatable. Still, we should not give it daily but offer it from time to time. What should it contain?

Like the ration, moist food must have a high content of meat and fats as well as a lower proportion of vegetables and fruits.

It is important that we know that moist food contains half the calories of traditional food . But it also helps your dog ingest liquid, which reduces the risk of urinary tract infections.

Home diets

There are a variety of diets for your pet that you can perform at home without much difficulty. To make homemade diets we need a detailed and prior information of all the needs of the dog, as well as high quality products. Some diets such as the BARF advise feed the dog as you would in nature offering you meat, bones or eggs, all this raw, although other owners prefer to cook these foods steamed or pan (always unsalted and without oil).

The composition of home diets usually contains about 60% of bone with meat and muscle, about 25% only of meat and, finally, about 15% of fruit, vegetables, eggs, or viscera.

The problem with home diets is that if we do not properly inform ourselves we can cause deficiencies in the dog’s diet and problems may even arise if our pet is not used to it and can choke on some bone.

Finally, we recommend all owners who prefer to offer their puppy a healthy diet that do not hesitate to use all three types of food in a varied way paying special attention to the quality of food as well as the needs of the food.

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