10 Types of cuddles for a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terriers are dogs with a very versatile fast growing hair, for this reason they are a great option if you love the care of your dog’s hair.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide you will find 10 types of cuddles for a Yorkshire Terrier , so when you turn to the dog hairdresser your options will be greater.

Keep reading to find out the different haircuts and choose one for your puppy, what do you expect to experience?

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Dog tosa

The cut dog is a very common tosa option, especially in small dogs with long coat. The cut dog consists of trimming the ends of the hair and leaving at most 3 inches in length, even.

Effectively this type of cut reminds us of a small yorkshire baby, giving it a sweet look and reducing the possibility of us in the hair.

Corte Westy or Westie

The Westy-type cunt is a reminder of the classic cut type West Highland White Terrier has. It reminds me a lot of the previous cut although in this case the hair of the body is very short or even can be scraped. In addition, the eyebrows and beard are trimmed just enough to visually widen the ears and muzzle.

Schnauzer Cut

As in the previous case, the cut schnauzer simulates the cut of the classic schnauzer. It consists of letting the hair of the legs grow in a round shape like that of the muzzle, while the body is quite rough. Pay attention to the beard and long eyebrows to get this style.

Peking court

The Pekinese cut is another cut that consists of imitating the physiology of another breed, in this case the Pekinese dog. To do this, just let the dog’s hair grow to a medium size and pay attention to simulating the long, drooping ears of the Pekingese. Finally you should shave your legs a little.

Water dog type tosa

The dog type water cut is easy to get and keep. It consists of achieving a similar effect to that of the water dog and for that beat to grow the hair to a short-medium size and not smooth it with combs or any utensil. It should look curly and uncontrolled while the size should be uniform throughout most of the body.

Other types of coughing

If you do not like the cut dog or imitate other breeds of dogs you can cut your dog’s hair yourself and inspire yourself in the following cuts that we show you next.

Remember that the best tosa is the one with which your dog feels comfortable, and do not forget to do your daily activities oi could harm the hygiene of your body.

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