Types of cuddling for shih tzu

The shih tzu is a small breed of dog originating in Tibet and China whose name means “lion dog”. It is characterized by its abundant hair and its pleasant facial expression, which gives a beautiful and tender appearance to the animal. The fun personality of this dog makes it the ideal pet for families with children, as they find many hours of fun at their side. Despite its size, the shih tzu develops a robust and plump body, which can weigh almost 8 kilos.

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Part of the care to take with a shih tzu is the conservation of your hair , both to ensure that it has a beautiful appearance to avoid the formation of knots, very frequent in the breed. For these reasons, YourCatCareguide suggests 5 kinds of cuddles for shih tzu so you can choose your favorite!

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1. Puppy cough

Before the age of one year, there is a change in the typical shih tzu hair in all dogs. During this stage, the problem with the nodes worsens and, for this reason, it is recommended that the dog has short hair , simulating the appearance of a cub , even in adulthood.

You can have shih tzu at home if you have experience at all, or leave the task to a professional for a better result. Generally, the hair of the body and the legs is cut very short and the hair of the tail, head, ears and mustache is trimmed, ensuring that these areas do not go completely without hair. With this hairstyle, your puppy will look beautiful and, at the same time, free of us.

2. Long cunt

The biggest problem with shih tzu hair is the terrible nodes that are gone when the tutor does not have the necessary care, especially if you want the dog to have long hair. Ideally, you moisten your hair with a suitable dog conditioner and undo the knuckles with your fingers to repair without pulling too much on the coat. If this does not work, use a wide-toothed comb called a rake.

After undoing the knots, use a soft bristled brush to shape the entire robe, brushing up the area beneath the ears and cause and ensuring a beautiful appearance throughout the rest of the body.

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3. Lion cuddling

Some tutors prefer to give their shih tzu a hairstyle that matches the breed’s name, though the dog does look even more adorable rather than imposing. We are talking about the lion cunt , also called “plush ” coughing by some people.

This hairstyle can also be done at home or by a professional: all the hair covering the body, paws and tail is sheared. Only the long hair is left around the head, which must be brushed so that it is more bulky than a lion’s mane. It is guaranteed that you your shih tzu will amuse themselves with this change of look. Be creative and give your pet a beautiful look by playing with your fur!

4. Japanese cough

Although there are different styles within the Japanese tosa, all have in common the hair of the long ears and very hairy legs that can have a rounded or well triangular shape. It is a very special cousin that undoubtedly needs to be done by a canine stylist .

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5. Tosas with cokes, tails or braids

Lastly, you can opt for a medium or semi-long hair cushion that includes an elastic to make cokes, ponytails and braids. This is one of the most popular shih-tzu types of tosa even in professional competitions: a small coke in the head .

Whether you cut the body hair or leave it considerably long (though not an obstacle to the dog’s mobility), the coke gives a charming appearance and draws more attention to the face of the shih tzu, whose shape is often compared to a chrysanthemum .

To do this hairstyle, take the dog’s crown hair and gently brush up, removing the knots and giving volume at the same time. Fasten the wick with a rubber band, preferably latex. Arrange the sides of the head and ready, your shih tzu has a perfect new coke!

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