Types of Cat Scratchers

Scratchers are essential objects for cats since these are animals that need to file their nails regularly. It’s something innate to their behavior! In addition, they are very useful to prevent attacks of destruction against our furniture.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we analyze the different types of cat scratcher and we explain which is the most useful for your cat.

You will discover the most innovative and classic styles, such as carpet type and tree type. In the end, we even have a chapter on home scrapers so you can make one yourself at home!

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What is the best cat scratcher?

Some cats immediately understand where they can and should sharpen their nails. Others, on the other hand, take longer to understand. Just as some cats prefer one type of scraper,others feel more comfortable with other models. It depends on each cat.

If your feline has already attacked some furniture in the house, you may already have an idea of what the ideal scratcher is for him . If you have seen your feline scratching the carpet, probably the most appropriate is the “carpet” model. If instead, your kitten prefers to mutilate the arms of your sofa from top to bottom, the most appropriate model is the “tree.”

Carpet Scrapers

Carpet scrapers are the most appropriate models if you are still not sure what your cat’s favorite model is . You can put this scraper in different positions and there are even some models that can be tilted. It is a very economical type of scraper and you can find it in any petshop.

Tree-type scrapers

The tree type scratcher is the most popular and known . In addition, it is the preferred scratcher of most cats. This scraper is perfect for cats to enjoy filing their nails from top to bottom . Some have built-in toys, a scratching base, or a little walk up high. Although it may seem simple to you, this is the most common option.

Cat scrapers for cats

A cool and very economical option is to build yourself a scratch remover for your cat. Find out in YourCatCareguide how to make a homemade cat scratcher . In the article we explain what materials are needed and how to elaborate one , step by step. It’s a perfect option to incorporate different types of scrapers into one, including small “hiding places” that your cat will enjoy for sure!

Does your cat do not know how to use the scraper?

At first, it may happen that your cat shows no interest or does not know how to use the scraper . It’s perfectly normal. Before you change your model or come up with a new one, find out how to teach the cat to use the scratch remover . Follow our advice and in no time your feline will learn!

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