Tricks to lift the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier

Usually, the yorkshire terrier takes some time to raise its ears. In some cases, it never gets to do so for genetic reasons. You may also need to help your dog raise its ears.

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If you’re looking for tricks to lift the ears of a Yorkshire , you’ve come to the right place. YourCatCareguide suggests some ideas that, at first, may seem ineffective but that achieve a good result in the long term.

Keep reading and find out what proposals and tricks exist to lift the ears of a yorkshire and start to apply them! Do not forget to share your experience.


The first of the tricks to lift the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier is to tuck the ears with a specific electric machine for dogs or with scissors, always with a special care and a lot of delicacy.

Sometimes the hair itself makes the ears heavy and difficult to lift . It is not necessary to groom the hair down to the base of the ear, unless you want to do it and give a westy cut to your dog. It can get very sweet and beautiful!

There are many types of cuddles for yorkshire , find out which ones value your best friend in YourCatCareguide.

Puppies for sale

The use of splints for puppies is the second trick to lift the ears of a Yorkshire terrier. Look for a pet product that does not hurt your fur at pet stores.

The use of splints is very easy: you should screw the ears a little without folding them, fixing the desired position with the splint itself. Make sure it does not hurt the dog and that it gets comfortable with the tape.

You can put the splint day in, day out to ensure that your skin perspires properly.

Food suplements

The third trick to lifting your ears to a Yorkshire is to offer some foods that help improve the consistency of your cartilage .

You can find chondroprotectors for dogs in stores, supplements that favor cartilage nutrition effectively, providing more firmness. Gelatin without additives or preservatives and small portions of cheese may also help.

Before considering administering any kind of supplement to your puppy, consult your veterinarian for advice on what is the best product for your Yorkshire Terrier. Also read our article with the care and everything you should know about the Yorkshire terrier .

These are our tricks to lift the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier! Got a better tip that you would like to share? Want to show results? Share your photo with the YourCatCareguide community so that everyone knows your pet.

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