Tricks to lift the ears of a Prazsky Krysarik

Prazsky Krysarik

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In this article by YourCatCareguide, we explain a trick that can be used to get the animal’s ears upright, proper to that breed. However, be sure to thoroughly check your pet’s ears to rule out any illness or health problem you may have.

Discover the tricks to lift the fallen ears of a Prazsky Krysarik

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The characteristic ears of a Prazsky Krysarik

O Prazsky Krysarik

Does not your Prazsky Krysarik raise your ears?

You should know that this is often the case with puppies that have not yet fully developed . You should wait until at least 5 months of age to be sure that your dog does not raise its ears.

The lifting of the ears also has a genetic factor . That way, if the parents and even the grandparents of the dog had fallen or bent ears, it is likely that their dog also develops like this.

Finally, and as we suggest at the beginning, the tutor should make sure the dog is not suffering any health problems. The otitis in dogs is the most common cause of problems related to the lifting ears.

Talas for puppies

You can find, in pet shops, splints indicated for dogs. Must be hypoallergenic and suitable for puppies . Otherwise, they may injure the skin and damage the hair. They are generally used for very long-haired dogs that tend to get dirty easily, but are also used in cases like these.

You should place the splints carefully, creating a conical structure that mimics the natural position of Prazsky Krysarik’s ears, and change them every 5 days at the most. It is very important that you remove the bandage to ensure that the ears are fine and that your dog did not gain skin problems during that time.

Use this trick for at most one month and never force your dog to use splints if he is overly troubled, this can lead to stress on the animal.

Food suplements

The ears of your dog are composed of cartilage. Poor diet may be the cause of this problem. Consult a specialist in cartilage supplementation . It is a complement that does not harm in any way the health of your dog, but that should always be administered according to the advice of a professional .

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