Tricks to brighten dog’s hair

There are several homemade tricks so that the dog’s hair stays shiny and healthy. The simplest and most economical is to brush it gently with a daily frequency (5 minutes is enough) although you can use many other techniques to make it perfect whether winter or summer.

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There are also many tricks that since ancient times have been used to enhance the beauty of hair, both in humans and animals, however, these tricks take longer to be elaborated and applied than usual brushing. In this article of the YourCatCareguide we explain to you the most habitual and easy to apply so that the hair of your dog is brilliant.

In addition, you should take into account that factors such as eating have a direct impact on the quality and brightness of the dog’s hair. Continue reading and discover several tricks to brighten the dog’s hair .


The beer

The application of non – alcoholic beer in the dog at the end of the bath, it is proven that improves its luster because nourishes the hair bulb and softens the hair root.

This process should be done after bathing the dog and then apply the beer through a sponge, letting it act on the dermis and in your hair for about 3 or 4 minutes. After this time should be cleaned with plenty of water. If you do not do it well your hair will stick.

It is a simple and economical method, whenever the dog is not very big and with very long hair. For example, you should not use this homemade trick on an Afghan Hound. In that case, you prefer the lanolin trick.

To lanolin

Lanolin is a natural fat that comes from the wool of the sheep. It can be purchased at pharmacies and health food stores. There is natural lanolin and lanolin anhydrous. The first one smells like wool and the second is deodorized.

To prepare the fluid that will apply on the hair of the dog should do the following:

  1. Put two spoonfuls of lanolin in a water bath to melt it.
  2. Then add 1 liter of warm water to the melted lanolin.
  3. Emulsify, ie whisk both materials and place in a sealed bottle to cool the emulsion and store it for when needed.

Make a process similar to that of beer: When you bathe the dog, and before rinsing it, apply the fluid throughout your body except the head. After 5 minutes, wash the dog with plenty of lukewarm water .

Egg yolk

The egg yolk is another all-natural product that we can use to brighten the dog’s hair. To do this follow the following process:

  1. Beat 1 or 2 egg yolks with warm water.
  2. The ratio is half a liter of water for each yolk (the amount of yolks depends on the size of the dog).

It is important to know that any leftover mixture should be thrown away, it should never be stored. As for the application, it should do exactly the same as it did with the beer: thoroughly cleaning the animal after five minutes exposure to the effects of egg yolk.

Rosehip Oil

It is a very expensive but effective product. Rosehip oil can be purchased in pharmacies, parapharmacies, natural products stores and in some supermarkets.

It is a product used to eliminate wrinkles on the human skin, and to thoroughly clean the snout and eyeballs of dogs (very carefully not to reach the eyes). We disallow the use of rosehip oil in the whole of the dog’s hair, even if it is small.

However, for face care is a great product, since it uses little amount. Simply pour two or three drops onto a cotton disc of those used for makeup. Once spread throughout the facial area, let it act unclouded so that its effects are more beneficial.

It is also good for wounds, scars and dermal problems. Prolonged use of this oil clears the skin and the hair exposed to it.


Keratin is a protein with a high sulfur content. It forms the basis of human and animal hair, as well as hooves and nails. It can be found in liquid form and be used as rosehip oil, but throughout the body of the animal with the help of a makeup disc.

However, we do not advise the direct use of this product, since there are in the market prepared and shampoos that contain the said element with more balanced proportions of use.

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