Tricks for Cat Sand Smelly

The odor of urine and cat feces is very penetrating. Therefore, daily cleaning of the box and binder sand with a scrap collector is critical to eliminating the most pesky waste.

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With this simple maneuver we can keep the rest of the sand in condition and we should only gather a little more every day, to compensate the amount withdrawn from the box.

This is a simple trick to keep cat sand in conditions, but it is not the only one. In this Animal Expert article we show you several tricks for cat stinking .

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Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda absorbs bad odors and is disinfectant. However, in large quantities it is toxic to the cat. Therefore, it will be necessary to use it with caution and in a specific way that we will tell you next:

  • Distribute a very thin layer of baking soda from the bottom of the clean box or container used to have the sand.
  • Cover the thin layer of bicarbonate with six or seven inches of cat litter.

In this way, sand will act more effectively. Every day you must extract the solid waste with the own shovel for this purpose. Baking soda should be purchased in the supermarket because it is much cheaper than in pharmacies.

Weekly and monthly cleaning

Once a week empty the litter box and thoroughly wash it with bleach or other disinfectant without any fragrance. Clean container thoroughly. Repeat the baking soda sequence and add the entire amount of new sand. The scented sands on many occasions are not to the liking of cats and they end up making their needs out of the canister.

Monthly cleaning of the litter box can be done in the bathtub. The temperature of the water and the detergent must be able to sterilize the litter box.

Sand binders

In the market there are some types of sticking binders that form balls when they come in contact with the urine. Removing the feces every day, with this type of sands also ends up eliminating the balls with urine, leaving very clean the rest of the sand.

It is a slightly more expensive product, but it is quite efficient if you eliminate the clumps of waste on a daily basis. It can use, or not, the trick of baking soda.

Self-Washable Sandbox

In the market there is an electric appliance that is a self-cleaning sandbox . It costs around $ 900, but does not have to change the sand once the appliance washes and dries. The faeces are broken down and evacuated through the drain as well as dirty water.

Periodically you should replace the sand that is lost. The company that sells this litter box also sells all of its accessories. It is an expensive product but if one can afford this luxury this is an interesting product for its hygiene and convenience.

According to the information there is a period of 90 days to prove that the cat of accustomed to it without problems to carry out his needs in the apparatus. This self-cleaning sandbox is called CatGenie 120.

Self-cleaning sandbox

Much more economical and quite efficient is a self-cleaning sandbox. It costs about R $ 300.

This self-cleaning device allows a very good cleaning of all the residues, since it uses binder sand. It has an ingenious system that by means of a simple lever throws the solid waste to the bottom, and these fall inside a biodegradable plastic bag.

It’s worth watching the demo video . This sandbox flames-e: SmartSift CATIT. It is ideal when there is more than one cat at home. There are other more economical self-cleaning sandboxes, but they are not as complete as this model.

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Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal added to the cat’s sand can be an excellent method to decrease the odor of feces . Many tutors use this method that has proven to be very effective.

In addition, a study was done to see whether or not cats liked the presence of activated charcoal in their litter box. The results of the study demonstrated that cats used sand with activated charcoal more often than without charcoal [1] . Thus, this method can be very effective in preventing elimination problems or it can help prevent the cat from urinating out of the box .

Another study was conducted to compare the preference between sand with added sodium bicarbonate and activated charcoal, demonstrating that cats preferred activated charcoal boxes [2] .

However, each cat is a cat and ideally you test different alternatives by providing different litter boxes and realize which type your cat prefers. You can, for example, in a litter box add baking soda and other activated charcoal and realize which of the boxes your cat uses most often.

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