Dandruff in dogs – treatment and prevention

Like humans, dogs may also suffer from dandruffand as in our case, dandruff may be related to seborrheic dermatitis (oily dander) or may be dry dandruff.

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Desquamation may even be due to atopic dermatitis also in dogs. Each type of dandruff needs a treatment and care to try to avoid its reappearance.

If you believe that your dog may be suffering from dandruff, then this article from YourCatCareguide is for you. Let’s talk to you about dandruff in dogs , with advice on their treatment and prevention .

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Dandruff in dogs is more than an aesthetic problem

Dandruff is usually accompanied by an itchy feeling and dogs will not hesitate to scratch themselves, so it is common to cause wounds that they can get to. This problem is most evident in cases of dry dandruff and atopic dermatitis.

In addition, dandruff problems in dogs can worsen with stress and seasonal changes. In cases of persistent dandruff there is always a problem with some kind of fungus.

How To Treat Dandruff In Dogs

In cases of rebellious dandruff , our pet’s anti-dandruff treatment should start with some product, usually a shampoo, that includes some active ingredient that will combat what is causing the problem.

In turn, it is very important that the veterinarian tells you what type of dandruff is treated, since the products that are used are different. This is very important because if you confuse the type of dandruff in the first diagnosis, the product you apply can worsen the problem of your dog causing it to scratch even more.

Once you have started the shock treatment for the rebellious cases, the evolution of your dog’s skin will tell you if you need a more gentle usual treatment, if you have solved the problem forever or if, more usually, a or twice a year. the veterinarian usually prescribes products for the proper hygiene to the skin imbalance that our friend undergoes. Products for dry dandruff or atopic skin contain fewer surfactants (detergents) so as not to dry their skin even more, while dogs with a tendency to seborrheic dermatitis will include a seborgulatory active.

How to prevent canine dandruff

Once you have overcome your pet’s dandruff outbreak, you need to be aware because it may recur. The prevention of dandruff in dogs is to use the products that fit the needs of your skin, and sometimes to take care of your food.

Thus, dogs with dry or atopic skin problems often improve their skin conditions when they eat fish-based diets because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Remember that you should always consult your veterinarian before making a sudden change in feed your dog and that the change should be done little by little.

In addition, atopic is more than a contact dermatitis, it appears in dogs with various allergies. Fish and rice rations, or fish and potatoes, are usually hypoallergenic and well tolerated by atopic dogs. There are fish with blue fish, which are usually the best for the skin, but there are also versions made with white fish for dogs with problems of being overweight.

In cases where there is a clear relationship between dandruff and stress , long walks can benefit the puppies. Also available are rations with a very mild soothing action, completely safe, or even some very mild sedative drugs, to use at specific times. For example, when a new school year begins and when the human with whom the dog has a close relationship is a child.

In the case of the feed, you can give it a pack (for 1 month or whatever lasts) and, in the case of the capsules of special medicinal plants for stressed dogs, only a few days. Some products can be administered to older animals or with heart disease, an advantage over conventional sedatives for pets, which in addition to being too strong leave the animal unable to move.

The latter are used in other circumstances, so before asking for a tranquilizer for your dog, you should always consult your veterinarian and explain to him the type of anxiolytic effect we are looking for and for what. You can also use homeopathy to avoid the use of drugs.

Homemade recipes to relieve dandruff in dogs

When the dog does sores while itching, it can relieve the discomfort and itchiness of the skin by adding a taste of lavender essential oil in the last shampoo.

IMPORTANT : The concentration of the mixture should not exceed 1%. That is, for a 200 ml bottle of shampoo, you must add 1 ml of lavender essential oil, or at most 2.

Lavender is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing. In addition, you should do a test in a small area before because the animal could be allergic to this plant.

Another trick to disinfect areas with dandruff and prevent your dog from scratching is to apply a little tea tree oil on them . But, and this is very important, this only serves if the dog, when noticing the unpleasant taste, stops scratching. Otherwise you would end up with gastroenteritis for intoxication by the tea tree oil itself. What you can do is add a few drops of tea tree oil to the usual shampoo of the dog in a similar way to the application of lavender oil.

Tea tree oil is not as calming as lavender, but usually gives good results in cases of oily dander. Again it is necessary to do the allergy test in a reduced area before using that shampoo all over your friend’s hair.

Bath frequency in dogs with dandruff

Sometimes dandruff in dogs can be due to excessive hygiene or the use of products unsuitable for bathing.

Products for humans should not be used in dogs because the pH of your friend’s acidic hair is different from ours. There are a few exceptions for products that serve both, as a general rule it is best not to use the same product.

Under normal conditions, dogs should be bathed with dry dandruff once a month and those who suffer from oily dandruff twice, each with products suitable for their skin type . When the animal needs more frequent baths, special products should be used, which are intended for exhibition dogs, and allow a weekly bath without attacking the skin. The range usually counts on shampoo, conditioner to massage the skin and moisturize it, and sometimes some cosmetic product to avoid the dryness of the hair.

If you use a hair dryer, you should always use it at a low temperature and at a considerable distance. It is best not to use it if the weather permits and if the animal does not present any disease that does not advise that it is a time with humidity, such as arthritis or arthritis.


  • The problem of dandruff in dogs can have serious consequences if left untreated (infections or lacerations).
  • The first thing is to distinguish the type of dandruff from your pet and use products suited to the specific needs of your skin.
  • Preventive measures are very logical, respect the acid balance of your skin and, when stress is a trigger of dandruff, try to prevent the dog from stressing.
  • Fish-rich feeds can be of great help in allergic dogs suffering from atopic dermatitis.
  • In the face of suspected dandruff, consult your veterinarian, he will be able to help you better than anyone to identify the right type and treatment for your dog’s condition.

This article is purely informative, in YourCatCareguide.com.br we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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