Toys for hyperactive puppies

As with people, dogs are likely to accumulate energy in the body. If we do not help you channel it properly, it can cause nervousness, anxiety, and hyperactivity. In the most serious cases, we can even detect behavioral problems that affect your daily life.

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What can we do to resolve this situation? How can we calm our dog? In this article of YourCatCareguide we offer you a total of 7 toys for very different hyperactive puppies but with something in common: they have the capacity to improve the well-being of our best friend and to enhance his intelligence.

Want to know what they are and how they work? Next we will explain each of you. Do not forget to comment at the end sharing your experience!

1. Kong classic

Kong classic is undoubtedly one of the most popular toys for hyperactive puppies . In addition to helping to treat separation anxiety and improve animal relaxation, this toy stimulates you mentally . It is the most recommended toy for professionals in the industry.

Using it is very simple, you just need to fill it with any kind of food , it can be dog pâté, moist food, ration or the easy treat of the Kong brand, and offer it to your dog. He will spend a lot of time taking out the food, which causes him to relax and have a pleasant feeling while achieving his goal.

Kong exists in several measures as well as in different levels of hardness. You should choose the one that best suits the size of the dog and, if in doubt, ask the veterinarian or the store manager.

Do not forget that kong is one of the safest toys on the market . If you choose the size correctly, there is no danger of your pet being able to swallow and, in case you do, your two holes allow you to continue breathing.

2. Goodie Bone

This toy, also brand Kong, works in a very similar way to Kong classic. It has two holes on both sides that allow us to fill the tasty food toy that the dog should extract, using logic and having fun at the same time.

It is perfect for dogs that love bones and, in turn, need a sturdy and safe toy that we can give even when they are alone at home. Do not forget that it is crucial to buy Goodie Bone with the right size and hardness for your dog.

3. Dogworker

The dog worker is one of the toys for hyperactive dogs that can best foster the natural development of their intelligence . This is a large toy, in which we will hide prizes and different goodies in the indicated places. The dog, through the smell and the movement of the moving parts, will be able to take the prizes one by one.

In addition to stimulating your mind, the dog will relax while being focused on the game, which will provide you with a long moment of fun and curiosity. Do not forget that in the first few days you will have to help you a little to find out how it works.

4. Bone Nylabone

This bone Nylabone brand belongs to the line Dura Chew, which means lasting chewing, since it is a very durable toy and extremely long lasting . It is especially suited for strong biting dogs that need to release stress and anxiety.

In addition to being recommended for destructive dogs , the edible nylon of which it is composed, helps to clean the teeth as it dissolves in small and tiny balls. It is a long-lasting toy that will help us especially when we are not at home. One can buy Nylabone bone with different flavors and textures.

5. Treat maze ovni

Although its shape is similar to that of the dogworker, the treat maze UFO works differently. First we have to add treats or snacks to dogs in their upper groove. Then the dog will interactwith the toy, so the goodies will advance through a small inner labyrinth and will leave the different grooves.

You may have to help your dog in the first few days, however once you realize the pace of the toy and its operation, it will be an enriching experience for our best friend, who will greatly enjoy receiving rewards for his work. This toy is undoubtedly excellent for promoting themost scrambled dogs’ attention and helping them to relax at home.

6. Kong flyer

Unlike previous Kong brand toys like kong classic or goodie bone, the kong flyer should not be used for our dog to chew. It is a toy suitable for dogs who like to go get toys and exercise at the same time. The kong flyer is very safe, as well as not to hurt the dog’s teeth or gums.

However, we must be careful, we must not forget that although this toy help them release stress, it can also generate anxiety. It is highly recommended that after the exercise you offer a relaxation toy (such as kong classic), thus ending the day in a quiet and positive way, away from hyperactivity.

7. Ball Launcher

If your dog is a ball enthusiast , this tool is for you. The ball-thrower is perfect for throwing the ball from a great distance , as well as preventing us from getting dirty or having to squat constantly. When choosing the right ball, be sure to discard the tennis balls as they have a sanding effect on your very negative dentures.

Also be careful with this toy, as with the kong flyer , the ball launcher is beneficial to help channel stress but in excess causes anxiety. After performing this physical activity with your dog, be sure to offer him a relaxing toy like the Nylabone bone to soothe him and end the day very relaxed.

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