Caring for toy rabbits

The toy rabbit is a very popular rabbit breed that stands out for its small size, and that is why millions of people have this rabbit so sweet and small in their home.

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You should know that it is a rabbit that requires concrete care to develop properly and increase its life span.

If you would like to know everything, especially the care of toy rabbits , you are in the right place. YourCatCareguide offers a complete article on the subject so that you can get informed and can take care of your pet better than ever.

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Veterinary Care

As with dogs and cats, it is essential to consult a veterinarian when adopting a toy rabbit. It needs a first consultation and a regular follow up that will ensure that your entire body works properly.

Normally, stools are examined to see if they have intestinal parasites and a physical examination is done to rule out any problems. The vaccines t also commonly part of the life of rabbits, which should make a visit to the veterinary clinic every 6 months to prevent myxomatosis, a disease that is transmitted through fleas and mosquitoes.

Do not forget that even if the rabbit does not leave the house, it can contract several diseases,for example:

  • Fleas
  • Excessive tooth growth
  • Insolation
  • Coccides
  • Pasteurelose
  • Viral haemorrhagic disease
  • Common injuries
  • Sarna

Caring for food

Toy rabbits should eat hay only until they reach adulthood. From sexual maturity, they can combine hay , alfalfa , ration for domestic rabbits and oats , foods that should be introduced into the diet little by little and in small amounts.

In addition, it is very important to offer several fruits and vegetables daily to your toy rabbit so that it develops properly. You can provide apple, pear, peach, banana, cabbage, cucumber, spinach and carrots, for example. Try giving out different foods and realize what your pet’s favorite options are.

Also do not forget that a rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, which greatly influences your diet. Include foods like fruit tree branches so you can gnaw a lot. Finally, we recommend that you add malt to your partner’s diet so that the risk of accumulating hair balls in the stomach is lower.

Hygiene and care of the coat

Rabbits are very clean animals that clean themselves continuously and therefore should not wash your rabbit . If it becomes excessively dirty, you can use a damp cloth to clean it.

The hair should be brushed regularly or, if necessary, daily because there is a variety of toy breed (angora) that tends to accumulate excess hair. Daily care helps prevent the formation of hairballs. To do this, use a small bristle brush.

Toy rabbit house

Although small in size, you will quickly discover that the toy rabbit needs exercise and movement during the day . For this it is essential that, in addition to a large cage (100 x 70 x 50 centimeters), it has a zone (sealed, if necessary) where you can go out and enter comfortably when you want. It can be inside or outside the home, depending on your possibilities.

It is an active race that undoubtedly appreciates that the tutor allows you to develop your muscles regularly. You should allow your rabbit to leave the cage for at least two hours a day.

Hygiene of your environment

You should never forget the importance of sanitizing the cage and utensils as feeders and periodically boxing. You can do this every 4 or 5 days, for example. Cleaning regularly prevents infectious or bacterial diseases in your rabbit, being very important to do so.


In addition to all that has been mentioned so far, there is a fundamental part of the toy rabbit care that should be highlighted: enrichment. Rabbits can feel sad, lonely and isolated when they have nothing to do and you are not there to play and motivate them. A properly stimulated rabbit will be happier, feeling better. To aid the stimulation, you can find different rabbit-friendly toys on the market.

In addition to the wood chips, there are several options for your rabbit to gnaw without danger, found a motivation in this activity. You can also choose to provide soft toys that can be manipulated and moved at will.

Rabbits are trapped animals, that is, they are victims of other animals by nature. In this way, providing a structure with dock-like conduits can be of great benefit to them as they feel more comfortable and secure. You can create it yourself if you wish.

Finally, we recommend that you use food dispensing toys to entertain and stimulate your sense of smell. This type of toys is highly recommended as it helps to develop rabbit intelligence.

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