Top 6 of small dogs with short hair

Want to meet 6 small dogs with short hair? The size and the are two factors that have a direct impact on time to adopt.

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Most people who live in the city look for a small dog, adaptable to living in an apartment as well as looking for a short hair, so that the hygiene of the house is easier to perform.

In this article of the Expert Animal we offer you a Top 6 of small dogs of short hair so that, before adopting, open its range of possibilities.

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Boston Terrier

One of the best companion dogs for his character and ease of training is undoubtedly the boston terrier , a small dog with very short hair. This way you will not have to worry about brushing it often.

Bull Terrier miniatura

With a height between 30 and 35 centimeters the miniature bull terrier is a short-haired breed of dog that stands out for the oval shape of its head and for the aesthetics of its raised ears. Thanks to a very developed musculature has a great physical strength, which makes it an imposing dog despite its size.

Teckel ou Dachshund

No doubt the teckel or dachshund is one of the most charismatic and recognizable dogs due to its small size and elongated body. Plus it also has short hair.

There are three varieties of teckel: the standard, the miniature and the dwarf, formerly used for rabbit hunting. In all cases we speak of a very special and affectionate dog.

French Bulldog

This breed originally from England and therefore related to the English Bulldog stands out for being a dog with very short hair and whose size does not exceed 35 centimeters. It looks a lot like the boston terrier with the difference that the french bulldog is more muscled.

The French bulldog has a very quiet character sometimes getting a bit apathetic. By its characteristics it is considered one of the best small puppies for children.


Originally from Mexico, where it is called chihuahueño, we find the small dog par excellence: the chihuahua .

It is a dog that does not surpass the 23 centimeters of height, being considered the smallest race of the world . Although there are some types of Chihuahua with long hair the normal is to find them with the shortest hair, which gives the feeling of being even smaller than they are in reality.

Miniature Pinscher

This is a breed of dog belonging to the German Pincher family although its official name in the breeds registry is miniature pinscher .

Originally used as a rodent hunting dog because of its rapidity and small size, although currently only considered as a fantastic and sweet pet. It has on average 30 centimeters of height and 6 kg of weight.

Have you recently adopted a little dog of this breed? We have a list of names specially designed for her.

Want to adopt a small dog?

Share your photo and your adoption experience if this article helped you choose a dog as a friend and companion. Remember that in the refuge for animals you will also find small dogs and short haired dogs such as some of this list.

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