Top 10 Shepherd Dogs

The function of the shepherd dog was the main one when the human being converted over the years the wolves into dogs. There are dozens of breeds of dogs suitable for developing grazing on five continents, helping man in an unquestionable way. As regards grazing, there are two types: sheep (lambs, sheep) and cattle (cows). They are two completely different types of grazing, since in the case of sheep, for example, the dog controls the herd not to disperse. However, in cow herding they are grouped around the dog to feel protected against predatory attacks.

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Whether for one type or another of grazing, there are currently some breeds more capable than others to develop this work. Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article and get to know the breeds that are part of the top 10 shepherd dogs .

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1. Border Collie

The Border Collie is considered the best dog for shepherding. He is a very intelligent dog , able to understand at once the orders that the pastor tells him. It has a natural instinct for shepherding, and in the absence of the shepherd knows perfectly what it must accomplish to have the herd controlled and protected. Its origin lies on the border between Scotland and England, hence the first word of its name, “border”, which means “frontier.” The second “collie” means useful in Gaelic.

It is a medium-sized dog, fast and agile. It weighs between 16 and 23 kg. Females are slightly smaller than males. The Border Collie is a working dog , not a pet that can be enclosed in an apartment. It needs a constant activity and open spaces to be happy. A Border Collie without extreme physical activity can suffer from neurosis or depression.

The Border Collie is extremely faithful and affectionate to the person he considers his leader, always finding himself ready and keeping a fixed eye on the pastor to carry out the work that is ordered. has a very characteristic way of moving, because it raises very little the feet of the ground, which causes the sensation that it moves of fast and stealth way while it walks.

2. Australian Shepherd

Secondly we find the Australian Shepherd, an excellent shepherd dog . However, in spite of its name, the breeding of this dog began in the American ranchos, although it was in Australia the place where this race has consecrated like extraordinary race of grazing. A unique feature is its versatility. The Australian Shepherd is able to shepherd sheep and cows like many other shepherd dogs, but not all are able to control unusual cattle such as buffalo, geese, ducks and rabbits.

He is also an excellent guard dog . The Australian Shepherd needs a great deal of exercise every day. He is a dog very loyal to his family and distrustful of strangers, who intimidates with blows with his teeth, but without biting. Only with an order from its owner for that attitude. It is a dog so intelligent and patient with children that also is used to work with children who need special attentions.

3. Belgian Shepherd

The four varieties of the dog Belgian Shepherd, Groenendael, Malinois, Tervuren and Laekenois, are extraordinary shepherd dogs . They all have a great physical capacity that converts them, along with their intelligence, into excellent shepherd dogs. In addition, they are dogs protecting herds by nature, so they care and guide the cattle innately.

Belgian Shepherds are also excellent watchers and trackers, loyal to their pastors, very obedient and extremely affectionate, so they need a owner who, in addition to training them, can offer them affection.

4. German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is also a good dog for grazing, except for feathered animals (geese, ducks, etc.) that greatly awaken the predatory instinct of the German Shepherd.

Both the German Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd can be used in many more needs than shepherding. Their superlative intelligence, their exceptional physical condition and the great capacity for concentration they possess make them ideal for many jobs.

4. Shepherd of the Pyrenees

The two types of Pyrenean Shepherd dogs (long-haired and flat-faced) are excellent protectors of cattle . When the cows present some danger they accumulate around their dog Shepherd of the Pyrenees so that this one protects them. Innately, the Pyrenean Shepherd knows how to attack and present a battle against bears and wolves, not hesitating to bravely face the great predators. In relationship with humans he is a bit shy, except with his owner. They are dogs of nervous temperament that are constantly alert.

6. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Another exceptional breed is the Pyrenean mountain dog , a shepherd dog that performs the work of guardian in open spaces. It is one of the largest species in the world, capable of facing and scaring bears and wolves. This dog watches the entire perimeter around the herd constantly. This large dog can reach 60 kg and its usual color is white with gray or brown spots. He is very affectionate with the children, but a bit gross to be little aware of his unrestrained strength. He usually shows his joy jumping on us eagerly awaiting a show of affection. This breed is not afraid of anything.

7. Romanian Shepherd of the Carpathians

If it were genetically possible to cross a bear with a wolf, it is likely that the result was something very similar to the Romanian Shepherd of the Carpathians . A very brave, loyal and sacrificial dog. This breed has an imposing appearance.

This spectacular dog can perform both grazing and cattle protection duties as well as guarding and surveillance. As with many of the breeds belonging to the top of shepherd dogs, the Romanian Shepherd of the Carpathians is not a habit to have this breed of dog as companion animal, mainly because of the degree of physical activity it needs. Needs open space to run, play and exercise. As a working dog, on the contrary, it is excellent since it is a dog that is very obedient and loyal to its shepherd.

8. Romanian Shepherd Miorítico

In the eighth place of the top 10 of shepherd dogs is the imposing dog Romanian Shepherd Miorítico , another breed of extremely large dogs that comes from Romania. These dogs protect the cattle and their temperament is calm, despite their large size. It weighs up to 65 kg and is a disciplined dog that obeys the orders of the shepherd. It has a mantle of hair that is usually white or very light gray. There may be some uneven spots that are slightly darker.

Australian Cowboy

This breed is quite modern. It was created to replace the traditional shepherd dogs imported from England, which did not bear well the heat, the great distances and the wild temperament of the Australian cattle. Several breeds crossed, among them the wild dog Dingo and the Dalmatian, among others. The result was the Australian Cowboy , a large dog and a guard dog dangerous to strangers. This dog knows only its owners and tolerates the strangers who are admitted at home, but with the condition of not putting a finger on any member of the family or playing. If a children’s party is held in the garden, the dog must be closed.

The peculiar hair of these dogs can result in a bluish-colored blotch or reddish blending.

10. Great Swiss cowboy

We finish the top 10 shepherd dogs with the dog Great Swiss cowboy , a dog intended to store cows while they graze. It is a large dog, can reach up to 63 kg in weight, and has a short tricolor (black, white and brown). This puppy needs a lot of activity since it has a lot of strength. His temperament is affable and can become a pet, whenever he is not deprived of exercise.

In Switzerland there are three breeds related to the Great Swiss cowboy: the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Appenzell Cowboy, and the Entlebuch Cowboy.

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