Train an American Staffordshire Terrier

If you already have an American Stafforshire Terrier or are considering adopting one, it is very important to know the characteristics and qualities that this puppy has, to know what are the most effective methods of training and how to apply them to achieve a healthy, balanced.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we give you some basic advice and you should take into account, before adopting or now that this is your dog, to properly educate the Staffordshire.

Continue reading to find out how to train an American Staffordshire Terrier .

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Características do American Staffordshire Terrier

Although not overly large in size, the American Staffordshire Terrier stands out for its compact, square and muscular build. It is considered a dog of potentially dangerous race, for this reason, as soon as it is adult must always use a muzzle and a leash. Find out at which is the best muzzle for your dog .

Usually we speak of a quiet dog in and out of the house , and although it is a bit shy with the unknown ones it is allowed to touch, to caress and to touch with gratitude. The American Staffordshire Terrier has many qualities and among them we highlight your loyalty, sensitivity to children, your patience and alertness, is a protective dog and a great companion.

In addition to what we have commented, it is necessary to add that the American Staffordshire Terrier is a dog with a medium needs of exercises, socialized correctly, interacts well with other dogs and pets. It is not because of belonging to the potentially dangerous races that it is an aggressive dog, on the contrary, the American Staffordshire Terrier is an excellent dog and suitable for all type of families.

Education of the dog

All puppies begin to learn from the moment they are born, whether imitating their parents or us, will depend on each case. If we have another dog at home well educated and quiet, our dog will learn all these qualities, but if we are not so lucky, we will have if we be his example. Tranquility, patience and positivity should be the pillar of your education so that it corresponds to us in the same way.

It is important that before adopting an American Staffordshire Terrier (or any other dog) the whole family agrees to establish general rules and regulations, such as not allowing you to climb onto the couch among other things, it will depend on each person.

The fundamental pillar to get a quiet dog in the future is to start the socialization of the dog as soon as possible. It is a gradual process in which we present the dog to its surroundings: people, dogs, other animals, etc. It is very important to carry out this step to avoid a reactive or fearful dog in the future.

We must have some precaution in this process and avoid a negative encounter not to cause a future trauma, nevertheless we can affirm that the more variety the dog finds in the process of socialization the better it will accept the negative encounter.

Correct Bad Behaviors

If you have never had a dog, it is important to note that mastery techniques, unrestrained punishment, the use of choke collars, or physical assaults are totally inappropriate . The dog can develop very negative behaviors in the future if you suffer this type of techniques.

We should seek the welfare of our pet, both physical and emotional, so it is recommended to use positive reinforcement and a simple “No” if you do something that displeases us.

Positive reinforcement is done by rewarding the dog’s proper attitudes such as sleeping in your bed, urinating on the street or having a social attitude towards other animals. It is not necessary to always be using cookies (although it is a wonderful tool), we can also use the caresses, kisses and even the words “Very Well!”. This technique may take some time but it is undoubtedly the most appropriate and the one that will make our pet feel a true love for us.

Basic Orders

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a faithful and obedient dog, but due to his temperament it is imperative that he be educated properly and very young, thus avoiding to teach him aggressive and unsociable behavior.

Educating a dog is something more than teaching to sit or give to, is everything that is related to your behavior that should be affectionate and positive. Teaching basic orders is a perfect tool for our dog to create a positive bond with us as well as being a technique that will make you feel useful inside the family nucleus. We also emphasize that training an American Staffordshire Terrier will guide you in your behavior and ensure your safety.

What should I teach an American Staffordshire Terrier?

When you are still a puppy it is very important to teach him to do his needs outside the home. This is a long process in some cases but essential for good hygiene in the home.

After realizing where you can do your needs, it is very important to teach him the five basic orders for dogs : sit, lie still, lie down, come here and walk along.

You should teach all these orders little by little and one by one practicing every day for at least ten minutes through positive reinforcement. Getting them to respond correctly to your requests will help make you feel mentally active and then rewarded, gradually reaching your adulthood. It will also be helpful when deciding to take a walk, when cleaning your house, if the leash comes loose … Through these orders not only can we communicate with our dog but also help you in your own safety.

Advanced orders

As soon as the American Staffordshire Terrier understands the basic orders we can begin to teach you more options like for example, paw, bring the ball, etc. Playing and teaching in a positive way will help your dog remember and apply what he teaches. Remember that in addition to what we comment on, it is imperative that you meet the basic needs of the dog.

If after learning the advanced commands you want to teach more things, we suggest you try another type of activity with your dog as is the case of Agility for dogs , enhancing not only obedience but also physical activity.

Rides, play and fun

The amstaff is an active, sociable and sometimes relentless dog. It is very important that you walk your dog avoiding the most frequent mistakes of the ride as for example the leash pulls among others. Being a dog with great needs of physical activity, we recommend that wander at least 3 times a day by adding a total of 90 minutes daily ride.

Contrary to what many people think, the ride of the amstaff (and any dog) should be relaxed and beneficial to him. You should not push him to walk beside him or focus on him, it’s his playtime. It should allow you to move freely and explore the surroundings so you can enjoy. After finishing the tour and doing your needs you can already devote time to obedience.

Lastly you should know that amstaff is a very playful dog. Until your last years of life you will be able to enjoy a very active dog, that is why incorporating games in your walks is fundamental. To pursue each other, to use teethers or balls are some of the options. Inside the house can a toy or something that can bite, they love it!

If you want to see more items like the How To Play American Staffordshire Terrier , we recommend that you enter our Basic Education section .

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