Train an American Akita

The American Akita is a dog loyal and loyal as few, with a great instinct of protection able to defend his human family. And at the time of training these characteristics should be taken into account.

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However, we must also mention that it is part of the nature of this dog to be territorial and dominant, and if we do not achieve a stable and balanced character, an American Akita male will easily enter into confrontation with any other male dog.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will explain everything you need to know to train an American Akita .

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Plan the bases of your education

Although Akita dogs are faithful and protective as few, in some countries it is considered that these dogs belong to the races considered potentially dangerous. Nothing further from reality, because there are no dangerous breeds but irresponsible owners . Educating a strong and robust American Akita is not very difficult, but there is a great commitment and an owner who does not let himself be defeated easily.

The first rule you should always follow is to stand firm to your Akita , under any circumstance you should bend your arm. You should talk to the rest of the family about the rules to follow, such as not letting you get on the couch, not letting you receive food under the table, among others. The whole family must know and comply with these defined rules, otherwise it can cause confusion and behavior problems in the dog.

The American Akita, like any other dog, needs large amounts of affection and companionship, but this dog also needs a strong, authoritative, disciplined owner . If you do not meet these requirements, it is best to think about adopting a dog with other characteristics.

The essential pillar of canine training

The basic pillar of canine training should be positive reinforcement , this can be summarized as follows: a dog should not be punished for his mistakes, he must be rewarded every time he does something well. A good example of applying positive reinforcement is clicker training , but there are also other methods.

Of course, we can not expect to reward everything that our pet does well when it is at puberty or adulthood, appropriate training includes from the outset positive reinforcement and starts at approximately 4 months of age. However, learning the name itself should be started as soon as possible to facilitate the remaining process.

Socialization of the American Akita

All puppies need to be socialized to fully enjoy their life in our company, but this need is even greater in the American Akita.

This dog perfectly tolerates the children’s play, lives seamlessly with other pets that live at home and deny their territorial instinct at the orders of its owner when it crosses with another male specimen. However, to reach this point is an early socialization.

Your puppy should be in contact as soon as possible with all members of his or her human family, and of course this includes the little ones in the house. The same happens with other animals, should have immediate contact with the other animals in the house and should make a first contact early but progressive, trying whenever the first contact is positive.

The socialization of the American Akita can not be considered a secondary necessity, but rather the most important part of your education .

Start educating the American Akita

The Akita is a very intelligent dog but in its puppy stage, just like any other dog, it will have difficulties to maintain a state of attention of prolonged form, therefore, discard any plan of training that includes long sessions.

5 minutes, 3 times a day and in a suitable environment and free of distractions, will be enough to train your Akita. The first goals you should achieve in training are as follows:

  • Answer when to call.
  • Sit down, be quiet and lie down.
  • Do not jump up on people.
  • Allow him to play on his toys and food without showing aggression.

From the 4 or 6 weeks since the beginning of training, it is important to go with new orders , as this dog needs to be challenged with new challenges not to be bored.

Physical exercise facilitates Akita training

The American Akita possesses a great energy along with a strong and robust body, so it needs a lot of discipline and the best tool to provide it is the physical exercise. In

Your Akita needs daily physical exercise , this will not only facilitate training and education, but will also help your dog be able to manage all his energy in a healthy way without showing any stress, aggression or anxiety.

Advanced Dressage

Once your American Akita fully understands all dressage orders, you will need to remember them regularly . Dedicating a few minutes a day to repetitions will suffice.

Once you’ve laid the foundation for your education, you can begin to practice advanced commands , such as fun tricks or initiate agility , to continue to stimulate your mind. In the same way, you can include in your day to day intelligence toys like Kong .

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