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Cat Spraying No More is an excellent opportunity for the cat owners to learn about training the cat with a systematic approach. It helps in preventing the unwanted litter issues and other risks of bad feline behavior as well.

Despite what many people think, cats are able to learn simple (and later advanced) commands as long as tutors do things correctly and use positive reinforcement.

YourCatCareguide explains how to teach the cat to pawso you can interact with it and further strengthen your relationship with your pet.

It is very gratifying to see how your little one is able to follow a command you have taught with great patience and perseverance, because without these two qualities, it is impossible to succeed with the tricks to teach the cats.

So, if you want your cat to learn to put his duck on the palm of your hand, keep reading this article step by step and do not miss all the tips to teach cats!

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How to teach tricks to cats?

The tricks you can teach your cat depend on the animal’s learning ability and their patience and perseverance to teach what they want them to learn. So do not think that only dogs are able to learn commands, since cats also possess this ability, as well as being very intelligent and enjoying the interaction with their human companions.

While it is harder to teach a cat than a dog, these tips for teaching cats rely on positive reinforcement , which makes the task much easier. The most popular tricks to teach cats include paw and spin on themselves but they are also able to learn other things like using the toilet or learning their name .

First, you should know that the ideal time to teach an order to the feline is when he is activeand never sleeping, drowsy or tired. If you try to wake the pet to play with you, it will not work. We also recommend that the training session be held before meal time so that your feline is hungry and the treats used as a reward are more appealing. For this, use treats for cats, snacks or tin food that you know he likes.

It is convenient that the orders that you want to teach your cat are simple and are within his possibilities since, of course, we all have our limitations and so do the kittens. If you always use the same word associated with a certain order, you will get better results, such as “hello”, “paw” or “paw”.

Finally, we recommend that, in addition to the cat treats, use the clicker as a secondary reinforcement in pet training. The clicker is a small device that emits a characteristic sound and is usually used to teach commands to dogs, and can also be used with other animals.

Teach the cat to paw

To teach your cat how to kick, follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Start by going to a secluded place with no distractions to start the training session.
  2. If your cat knows how to sit , start by giving that order. If he does not know, give a small touch by smacking the lower loin area down so he sits on the floor.
  3. Then give the order “hello”, “paw”, “paw” or whatever you prefer to have it command, while offering the hand to your feline with the palm of the hand up .
  4. Expect your pet to put your paw on your hand and when you do, reward the pet with a treat.
  5. If he does not put his paw on his hand, hold the paw for a few moments and place you over his hand. Then, offer a treat for the pet to associate the gesture with the prize.
  6. Repeat this operation several times for a maximum of 10 minutes per day.

At first, your cat will not understand what you want him to do, but after several training sessions, he will understand that by putting his paw on his hand, he will be rewarded. Thus, over time, you can eliminate the rewards and suggest the command at any time without having to always reward the pet with food, but rather with pampering, caring and praise so that he feels fulfilled. Do not think about doing this at the beginning or while you are learning the cheating trick because it can be confusing.

Tips for Teaching Cats

Just as each person is different, so do the animals and each of them has a different learning ability . If your cat has more difficulty in learning rum command than the neighbor’s cat, do not worry or get upset because every thing takes its time. With patience, it is certain that you will always, with great love and constancy , repeat the training regularly so that the pet remains motivated and do not forget what you have learned.

Do not forget that you should stay calm and not scold with the pet while teaching how to chew, as this will only make it a negative experience for him, rather than having a fun moment of play between pet and human friend.

Lastly, you should know that the sooner you start teaching your cat the tricks, the better. When they are puppies, they have a better learning ability, just like human babies do.

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