Teach my dog ​​to sit step by step

The best step to start dog training is undoubtedly how much this puppy is still. Stimulating your intelligence and abilities will help you in your adulthood since you will get an educated and obedient dog for many years. We can begin to practice obedience with our puppy when you have between 2 and 6 months of life, without ever forcing it, with sessions of between 10 and 15 minutes.

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Anyway, if the dog is already an adult, it can also teach you how to sit because it is a very simple order that you will get quickly if you have a handful of snacks and goodies, you will also need a little patience because you will have to repeat this process several times for the dog to remember him.

Discover how to teach your dog how to sit step by step in this YourCatCareguide article.

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Steps to follow:

During the training of a puppy it is very important to use positive reinforcement , since it improves the results and allows the dog to positively relate education, something very important. For this reason, the first step is to take with you snacks or snacks for dogs, you can find them for sale in supermarkets or pet stores. Choose the ones you prefer and preferably the ones that are small.

Let your dog smell and offer you one , now it’s time to get started!


Now that you have tasted a treat and saw that you like it will motivate you, so let’s start teaching you this order. Take another treat or snack and keep it in your closed hand, let him smell it but not offer it. In this way, you will catch your attention and the dog will wait to get your treat.

With the delicacy still in the closed hand is the moment to begin to move the arm over the dog, as if we draw an imaginary line from its snout to the tail.


We advance the fist with the dog’s gaze fixed on the delicacy and, due to the linear path the dog will sit progressively . Once the dog is seated, you can reward him with treats, gentle words and caresses, everything is valid so that he feels loved!


Now we’ve got the first step of getting the dog to sit down, but the hard part is missing, getting him to relate the word to the physical interpretation. In this way, we can tell our dog to sit without using his hand over it.

To get him to fulfill the order we must have patience and practice every day, for this we will repeat the same process sometimes incorporating before moving his fist on him, the word senta .

  • For example: Maggie Senta – Go moving your arm over him – Prize

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