Teach dog to pee in the right place

With positive training we can effectively teach an animal not to urinate at home. It is a great way to educate your puppy to go to the needs of the right place and also a very quick way to train the dog.

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Positive dressing is also known as positive reinforcement and consists basically of rewarding the dog’s attitudes that please us with snacks, kind words or caresses. To function properly and to be easy to remember for your puppy, have to go watching your puppy and be quick to reward him.

Positive reinforcement outside the home is often combined with in-house training for better results. Keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and find out how to teach your dog to pee in the right place .

What is positive reinforcement?

The positive reinforcement is to congratulate and reward your dog every time you make your needs in a permitted site. For this you have to identify the areas where your dog is allowed to do the needs. Also you have to have registered at what time you usually do your needs.

With this data you can know at what time you have to worry because your dog wants to pee or poop. After half an hour before your puppy’s needs are met, take him to the area (garden, park, or other place) where he is allowed to do so and let him urinate.

The ideal moment

Then wait until he meets your needs. Once finished, congratulate him and give him a prize, some dog treat . If you are starting to use the clicker, this will also be the right moment to click.

Your dog will not need much additional reinforcement, since doing his / her needs is a primary need. However, clicking , giving you the release order or congratulating you with an excited tone of voice will demonstrate that you are happy with what you did. Be careful not to do all this while you are still doing your needs, in which case you could risk interrupting it.

Help him to associate the pee with the street

Once your dog’s time to make his needs clearer, when he urinates, simply tell him to “pee” before doing so. When you have finished your needs, click or give him a treat for dogs. Avoid using a word or phrase that you normally use in your everyday life.

Little by little you will get used to that word and will relate it to the street, to the pee and to the walks. However, the dog will only urinate if you feel like it, but the truth is that a great way to help you remember and associate this new routine.

Do not forget …

At home, when you can supervise your dog, allow him to be in other rooms freely. When leaving the house it will be better to make a limited area with many newspapers. Over time, your dog will get used to doing its needs in the places that it has set for it. However, do not expect this to happen before your puppy is six months old.

Positive reinforcement is very helpful and will help teach your puppy basic training commandsmore effectively. Keep in mind that by using the combination of methods your puppy will get used to doing his needs in both the allowed zones and the newspaper. So be careful not to leave newspapers scattered across the floor.

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