Teach a cat how to use the scratcher

If you have a cat and a sofa you will probably need a scraper to prevent the latter from ending in tatters. You do not need an especially big or expensive one, with economical and home-cooked options you can manage to make a great and original scratch remover.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some tips to teach your cat to use the scratcher , be it adult or even puppy, everyone can learn but clear at a different pace.

Stop suffering with furniture and fabrics in tatters and teach it once and for all to use the scratcher, with patience and constancy everything is achieved. Let’s do it!

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Choosing the ideal scratch remover

First you should know that there are many types of scrapers for sale and finding the right one for your cat is not always simple but with a few tricks you can figure out which one is right for you .

Make a home scraper

To start educating your cat on the use of the scraper, you will first need to buy one or make one at home. There are many types and varieties of scrapers but remember that it does not matter the value of it but rather that your feline feel happy with it.

How to Teach Scratching

Scratching is an ancestral and innate habit that cats carry out. It is not only used to sharpen your nails , with which you hunt your prey, but also to leave the furniture with your body scent. It’s one more way to mark your territory .

It is important to teach your cat how to use the scratcher if you want to prevent your furniture from getting shredded, frayed and frayed. The vast majority of cats learn to use the scratcher alone , but in some cases we need to guide the cat to do so. Here are some useful tips:

  • Where to put the scraper : If your cat seems to have a special taste in scratching some furniture or sofa in concrete, this will be the ideal place to put it.
  • Encourage the cat to use it : Putting a ball, a duster or a mouse hanging from the scraper is a good way to encourage your cat to approach and use the new object as it will arouse your curiosity.

At the outset, your cat should start using the scraper naturally, since for them the nail sharpening is pleasant and very beneficial.

What if he does not want to use the scraper?

Some cats do not seem to want to use the scraper you brought them with such care. Do not despair, your cat needs more time to understand its functioning, it is customary. If your cat does not seem to be at all interested you can use some tricks like the following:

  • Impregnate the scraper with your scent : Rub your blanket against the scraper so your cat feels like your own and has the natural instinct to rub against it.
  • The Cat’s Grass Trick : If your cat seems to like catnip , do not hesitate to leave it close to the scratcher and even rub the grass against it.
  • Join the joke : In the previous step we advise you to play with the scratcher and the cat at the same time. In this way, you will not only be spending a good time with him, he will also be encouraging you to use the scratch remover and to relate it in a positive way.
  • Use Positive Reinforcement : Each time you see your cat approaching or sharpening your nails on the scratcher, you should congratulate him. A piece of ham, a caress or kind words will be more than enough for your cat to understand that it pleases him.
  • Do not let it scratch the furniture : If your cat is still a puppy, when you see it scratched another piece of furniture should pick it up and take it directly to the scratcher.
  • Use another scraper : Sometimes the scraper’s own design is not cat-like. In these cases, an idea is to make a scraper that can be attached to the sofa to simulate the same way and avoid spoiling your furniture.

Follow these advice more or less regularly and always with a lot of patience and affection, something that all animals need. Being gruff, using physical force or not dedicating enough time to your cat’s education is a serious mistake, keep that in mind.

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