Socializing a Puppy Correctly

To socialize a puppy properly, you should start by understanding that puppies are social animals that live in a hierarchy and that they learn from their peers how to behave, play, and communicate.

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For this reason, by separating a puppy from his family, he is inevitably depriving him of his basic education as a dog. So it is your duty to socialize it to prevent future behavior problems.

Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article to learn how to socialize a puppy correctly .

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What is socialization?

The socialization is a gradual process that develops during the growth of the puppy, allowing you to properly relate to other animals, people or objects. It is not enough for the puppy to visually know these external elements that will accompany him throughout his life, he must also know how to interact with them.

You should know, for example, the difference between a child and an adult accepting positively the two and taking into account that not all children will probably pull their tail.

The range of possibilities your puppy has known since childhood will allow him to relate better or worse to who we present in the future. For this reason, we can say that socialization is a very important process in the life of any pet, as it would be for a child.

The socialization takes place between 3 weeks of age and 12 weeks of age. It is in this period of time that you must accustom the puppy to everything, always in a pleasant and positive way.

Socializing the puppy with other animals

If you have a Maltese Bichon puppy , an example of a small breed dog, it can be scary to socialize with larger puppies, probably for fear of being hurt. This is a serious mistake. In order for your puppy to learn to relate well with other pets, you should not be as concerned about the size of other dogs as about their character.

Socialize your puppy with dogs, cats and turtles , and all the animals he may encounter in the course of his life. If so, you should look for friendly, calm and loving examples that foster a positive attitude and that make your puppy to gain a happy memory.

If, on the contrary, choosing a dog to know your character to end up assaulting our puppy can create a frightening dog as a consequence. You must choose correctly who your puppy relates to.

If you socialize properly your dog can achieve, for example, an exceptional dog-cat coexistence!

Socialize the puppy with people

People are also a key part of this process. We recommend that your puppy interact with people of all kinds , including adults and children. Do not forget that at the time of relating your dog to children, the little ones should respect and never hurt a dog.

In addition, it is important that children take care of their pets to learn to respect other species and realize the importance of wildlife on the planet.

Contact with people is the most basic and fundamental part of socialization because a trained dog enjoys living with humans, following them and receiving attention from them. A dog that relates properly with anyone, will not give cause for headaches and allows our pet to be happier.

Socializing the puppy with the environment

Finally, we will talk about a last part that is not, therefore, less important. We must remember that in our environment there are objects and other elements that the dog must know , such as cars, bicycles and plants.

There are many dogs that, as adults, continue to be afraid of certain objects such as skateboards, which is caused by a bad socialization that has created fear and insecurity. For this, you must accustom your pet to parks and other places with reasonable traffic and to the presence of elements that he may find surprising.

Consequences of bad socialization

Not walking your puppy during the socialization stage harms one of the 5 freedoms of animal welfare and creates stress in your pet . Once we ignore these 5 commandments, stress can lead to behavioral problems such as:

  • Fear
  • Insecurity
  • Aggressiveness
  • Apathy
  • Stereotypes
  • Excessive Excitement

I’m sure you’ve seen more than one dog with any of these symptoms on the street. Poor socialization can affect the dog for life, creating conditions that can become incurable , even in the hands of a specialist. It depends on each case.

Prevent your puppy from engaging in any of these behaviors by offering your time, affection and options with whom to relate. Only then can you have a healthy and balanced dog.

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