Prevent obesity in cats

Obesity is something that should concern us all and not just for us but also in the case of our pets . In this article of YourCatCareguide we want you to know how to prevent obesity in cats .

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There are felines more prone to this disease depending on their race, age, size and chronic health problems. If your cat’s health worries you, read on and find out how you can prevent obesity in it and help you be healthier and stronger in the face of other possible illnesses derived from this eating disorder.

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Detect obesity in cats

Se o seu gato está menos ativo que o habitual, vê que aumentou o tamanho da sua barriga, parece ter sempre fome e por isso come demasiado e, além disso ao tocar-lhe no lombo nota que lhe custa sentir as costelas, é porque o seu gato tem sobrepeso ou, dependendo da quantidade de gordura acumulada, obesidade.

Sabe-se que a esterilização causa um aumento do risco de sofrer deste transtorno de alimentação, mas isto não significa que um animal esterilizado vá ser obeso, mas sim que ao diminuir as suas hormonas e retardar o seu metabolismo, o animal queima menos calorias e gorduras, pelo que a esterilização aumenta as chances, nada mais. Continua sendo da nossa responsabilidade que os nossos pets tanto esterilizados ou não estejam fortes e saudáveis e que, não cheguem a ser obesos. Também sabemos que, no caso dos gatos, existe uma maior predisposição a acumular gorduras nas fêmeas.

The excess of unnecessary and accumulated fat in our cats causes them a number of diseases derived from this and significantly decreases their life expectancy . It is essential that in regular visits to the specialist veterinarian, the cat will always be heavy in order to follow up its weight and evolution. Not controlling the cat’s weight is one of the most common cat tutors mistakes .

Next, we’ll explain how you can prevent obesity in your furry friend, avoiding anything that can lead to excess weight and thus improve your health and enjoy the company that offers a happy and healthy feline. The best prevention in the face of eating disorders is to give a good education to our cat from an early age. Hence, we can prevent this problem from feeding with proper diet and exercise.

Prevent obesity with proper diet

We must always think that the nutrition of our cat will always depend on the needs that it has . So if we know that our partner does not do a lot of exercise, we should provide him with moderately calorie content. On the contrary, if our cat has a significant daily caloric expenditure we should give him food high in calories, among other things.

Domestic cats generally do not leave their homes and therefore their level of energy expenditure is low. So we should give them light or low calorie ration in addition to dividing the ideal amount of ration by weight and age, in two or three times a day instead of giving him a lot of food, thinking that our cat will know how to divide the feed itself. If you choose to give you a ration of normal or high calorie content, we should increase the exercise that our cat performs. It is very important to avoid that our friend eats between hours, that is, we should mark the hours of two or three meals, every day at the same time and outside these hours withdraw the food.

Changes in feeding amount or exercise increase should always be gradual to avoid possible problems and damages to our cat.

As for the treats or prizes we can give you, we must space them very much in time and use them as positive support for a desired behavior and not to show our affection, since if we do this last form we will be giving more food, because these awards contain too many calories and fat. In case your cat is already obese, you must remove the treats completely. See our article on Diet for obese cats .

Preventing obesity with exercise

For any animal exercise is critical to staying healthy and avoiding many diseases . Felines are no exception and therefore should do a minimum of daily physical activity adapted to their age and physical condition. If your cat never leaves the house, it is very important that you run and play with him or with other animals at home and with toys, in addition he can create circuits and play areas with stimuli to reinforce the exercise .

It is easy to play with a cat, as we already know it is very easy to draw attention to them with the movement and the lights. If our cat is already suffering from obesity, you will see that if you maintain adequate nutrition and exercise more, in a few days you will see how to lose weight in a healthy way.

No caso de brincar com o seu felino no exterior ou o deixar sair livremente, não saia com ele nas horas de mais calor, pois pode sofrer de um golpe de calor entre outros possíveis problemas. Além disso, como referimos antes, é muito importante ter presente que se devemos realizar um aumento de exercício este seja de forma progressiva e não repentina para evitar danos no nosso gato. Veja o nosso artigo sobre Exercício para gatos obesos.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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