Prevent my dog ​​from licking a wound

Something proper and instinctive of the dogs is to lick their wounds. The first thing we must take into account is why they do it. We have animals that do it for physiological problems such as dermatitis, allergies or irritation of the skin by external agents, we also have those that do it out of boredom or stress. Finally, and as the title indicates, by the presence of a wound, accidental or surgical.

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Physiologically we must say that there is a reason why they lick their wounds, no matter the source. It is the ascorbic acid of the saliva that reacts with the nitrates of the skin resulting in hydrogen monoxide, this is known as sialoterapia, since it favors the cicatrization . Unfortunately, it also favors the proliferation of germs and increased wounds. But we must not forget that the saliva has a certain amount of microbes that live and proliferate, peacefully, in the mouth of our dog, when being in a new and labile terrain, they begin with the colonization.

Let’s look at Animal Expert’s article on how to prevent our dog from licking a wound , what consequences it can bring and how we can help it.

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Canine language

To understand our four-legged companions a little more, we must say that dogs that live in nature, when they have a wound, the only way to clean themselves is through licking. There is no disinfection or a healing ointment to help them. Therefore, we must say that the major contaminants are usually eliminated. But this should only be admitted in cases where they live in their natural habitat and can not have a disinfection with soap and water.

As we put forward in the introduction, dogs can lick wounds for different reasons. It is often their way of communicating with others, of asking for food and of interacting with the world around them. But we often notice that our dog has inflicted a wound on himself. After an excessive licking, especially on the front paws and punctually between the fingers , we notice the lack of skin in the region, redness and often there even bleeding. When we discover this we run to the vet, where they tell us that, in most cases, these wounds are caused by stressor boredom, that is, we came home more disappointed than at first because they are telling us that our dog is suffering. Our furry friend gives us some signs that we inadvertently do not notice them and end up with these marks on their skin.

For these cases we can resort to Homeopathy , looking for a medicine that will help you to make these changes in your life more calmly and without so much stress. You can also use other natural therapies such as Reiki and Bach Flowers but we must not forget to combine them with longer rides, intense games and many pampering , which is usually what you are asking for.

In the background it should be noted that an animal that licks itself also generates endorphins that soothe the burning or itching of the wound, thus generating some relief. The best we can do is watch our little friend to be able to help if that’s what it takes.

Resources at hand

The ideal is to try to find out correctly what causes frequent licking. If it was a wound due to a surgical intervention. But in cases of not knowing why this happens and each member of the family has a different opinion, go to the veterinarian to hear an expert voice.

Along with the diagnosis will be applied a treatment according to the assessment made veterinary and certainly some cream to put it every 12 or 24 hours according to the indication of the professional.

There are several aids to keep you from continuing to lick your wounds. Some may be:

  • Elizabethan or plastic necklace so that it does not reach the injured area. In our view, and from our experience, dogs suffer greatly from these collars. Some are depressed and do not want to eat, play or walk. It is very important that you have it for short periods, maybe just being alone at home.
  • Homeopathic treatment or some natural treatment that you like.
  • More toys , games , rides and outdoor distractions. The whole family will be willing to help at this point.

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