Measure the temperature of my dog

If you suspect that your dog may have a fever or the temperature is too low , it will be essential to measure it to identify any problem. The different moments in the life of the dog also present different temperatures as it can be in its phase of puppy, in the delivery or at another moment in concrete.

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In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain to you what is the normal temperature of a dog to identify fever or other problems as well as various ways to measure it.

Keep reading and find out how to measure your dog’s temperature and clarify your doubts at once. Do not forget to take your pet to the veterinarian to rule out a possible illness.

What is a dog’s normal temperature?

The usual temperature of a dog is not the same temperature as that of the human being . Before we begin, we must identify what it is in each phase of your life:

  • Puppy: 34.4ºC – 36.1ºC
  • Adult: 38.5 ° C – 38.9 ° C
  • Elderly: 38.5 ° C – 38.9 ° C
  • Gestation: 37ºC

As you can see, the average temperature of the dog is between 38.5ºC and almost 39ºC . However, puppies and pregnant bitches, as well as diseased dogs, may suffer changes in their daily lives or in concrete situations such as childbirth.

Remember that puppies still can not regulate the temperature well so they will need special care such as the use of a thermal blanket among others. Usually between the first and second month of age is when they begin to maintain a stable temperature. The temperature of pregnant bitches can also vary at delivery.

When does the temperature indicate fever?

After analyzing the average temperature of the dogs, we can identify the fever when the temperature is above 39ºC and up to 40ºC we are facing a high body temperature, enough to have to consult a specialist. At 40ºC we should seriously worry about our animal’s health and hire an emergency veterinarian or at home if necessary.

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How to measure the temperature of the dog?

  1. Thermometer in the rectum : It is a fast, effective and reliable way to measure the temperature of our dog. You should not use a normal thermometer, remember that the dog could move and break it inadvertently. You should use a plastic that can not be broken and you should choose a moment of calm to carry out this process. Take the thermometer and gently insert it into the rectum. You can use some lubricating material so the dog does not notice it and feels uncomfortable.
  2. Palpation of armpits and groin : This method may not be 100% safe, especially if you do not usually touch your dog’s armpits or crotches. Still, you should know that the lymph nodes of the dogs are in these areas, and in the face of an unexpected fever we could see unusual swelling and warmth.
  3. Other areas of the body : The nose, paws or ears are other areas that can warn us of the presence of fever in our dog. If you touch them and have an abnormality, do not hesitate to consult an expert as soon as possible. In any case, these areas of the body have varying temperatures so it is not a precisely safe method.

And if the temperature of the dog is low

Low body temperature may be a symptom that something is not working well and we recommend that you also consult a specialist. The hypothermia can be a cause excessively low temperature.

Why does a low temperature occur? It can occur at different times in a dog’s life: when it is a puppy, young, old, in childbirth or in an icy environment.

At an excessively low temperature you should try to protect your pet by offering warmth between blankets and caresses to keep you awake. A hot soup (always without salt) can help as well as hot, hot food, which is more appetizing.

Steps to follow at an unusual temperature

An unusual temperature is a symptom of disease . You can consult some ways to lower the fever of the dog although the most sensible option is undoubtedly consult a specialist.

Remember that it may be mild discomfort or a change in the dog’s immune system, although it can be a serious infection in the same way. Discard any doubt in the veterinary consultation or if you consider that your puppy is in serious condition call a veterinarian who inquires at the address.

This article is purely informative, in we do not have the capacity to prescribe veterinary treatments nor to make any type of diagnosis. We suggest you bring your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or malaise.

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