Make a dog bone at home

The bones for dogs whether natural, cow leather or toy is a great way to exercise your dog getting their teeth strength. In addition, it has many other advantages like the reduction of the tartar or the relaxation.

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If you want to learn how to make one at home, keep reading this YourCatCareguide article where we will explain how to make a dog bone at home . This way, you will get a natural and unique bone for your pet!

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Steps to follow:
1 . To start you should go to your usual supermarket or pet store and look for strips of rawhide , we advise you to use those that are cowhide , since pigs are not digestible and can cause vomiting and diarrhea

Inquire where to buy this product if you can use it for this purpose and if it is a quality product.

2. At home, you should cut the strips of skin depending on the final size you want. That is, a bone for a Chihuahua certainly will not be the same size as one for a German Dogue. Clean the leather strap with a sterile gauze and make sure it has no impurities, dust or dirt.
3. To make the dog bone the process is simple, you just have to curl the leather you chose by giving it several laps, this way the thickness of the future bone will be consistent and will last longer. You can be creative and make a bone in the form of a stick, bone and even as a donut.
4. After you have made the natural and homemade bone of your dog, you should introduce it in the oven . For this, it will be sufficient to leave it in the oven for 30 minutes at 65ºC, in this way cowhide leather will be more resistant but will continue to maintain its properties.
5. After 30 minutes the leather will be ready and dry . After it has cooled down you can now give the homemade bone to your pet.

If your puppy is still a puppy see our article in which we explain the best options for bones for puppies .

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