Educate a dog to do the needs outside the home

Once your puppy has just received the vaccines , the perfect time to educate him in order to learn to make his needs outside the home begins. This is not just a habit that keeps your home clean, but it is also a special moment for the dog’s routine, which loves to walk.

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This will be the first learning lesson for your young pet and the technique used to educate you will be crucial for future lessons, so you should pay attention to certain advice in this article by YourCatCareguide.

Keep reading to learn how to educate a dog to make the necessities away from home .

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When the dog should start learning how to urinate outside

The ideal time to teach urinating a dog to urinate on the street is around 3 – 6 months. However, what really matters for him to get out on the street is the vaccination and deployment of the chip .

At the moment the dog receives all the streets vaccinated and is relatively immune to many possibly deadly diseases for him, such as distemper or parvovirus , among others. In addition, the chip will help you if your puppy accidentally gets lost.

Starting to educate a dog to urinate outside the home is very important for hygiene and for starting your socialization process .

Identify the moment when he wants to do his / her needs

To carry this part of your education successfully, it is imperative that you get to know your pet, as well as your ritual needs.

Usually, a dog has the urge to urinate or defecate for 20 or 30 minutes after eating , although this time varies according to the dog. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes.

The awakening or the moment that happens to practice physical exercise are also times when your puppy will want to make needs.

Anticipate your needs

This process is not difficult, however, it requires stability on our part . Having a dog is like having a baby whose mother is missing, being educated by us to learn how to relate, play, and make needs.

Your dog must learn to make his needs in concrete places. So, as soon as you identify when he is going to urinate, anticipate your actions by taking him outside and allowing him to urinate. If you taught your dog to urinate in the newspaper inside the house, it is very positive that he takes the newspaper with him so he can better understand what you are expecting from him.

Teach your dog to urinate on the street with positive reinforcement

Any obedience system you want to practice with your dog, including learning to urinate on the street, should be done with positive reinforcement. In this way, you reward the dog’s well-being, improve your quality of learning, and make it easier for him to remember the right way to do things. So that you learn to urinate on the street, as soon as you anticipate your actions follow these steps, always with positive reinforcement :

  1. As soon as the dog finishes eating or you find that you feel like doing your thing, go out with the newspaper. Also, it will be very useful if you bring a dumpling prepared with pieces of sausage or dog treats you can offer.
  2. Already on the street, place the newspaper next to a tree so he understands that this is the zone that he should use to urinate.
  3. When he starts to urinate, leave him quiet without saying anything or touching the animal.
  4. When he is finished, congratulate him and offer compliments, plus the treat that should be for his prize.

By using a treat as a prize after you have done your needs, the dog will relate the outside , the needs and the goodies very positively . As you can imagine, this whole process can be a bit slow and requires patience on your part so the dog will understand how the street urinating system works.

What to do if your dog urinates indoors

During this process, do not be surprised to find some pee or poo in the house. This is because, on some occasions, the dog can not stand the urge to urinate or defecate. Resist whatever urge you have to scold the dog , he will only gain a sad or frightened expression because he does not understand why you are scolding, feeling uneasy and anxious.

The dogs do not like to dirty the place where they live. For this reason, even if your puppy learns to do his / her needs outside, this will not happen because you scolded. Using this type of education creates fear in the dog, which impairs its growth.

The dog does not understand everything you say and so you should take it to a distant place when you urinate and clean the pee as if nothing had happened.

Positive reinforcement is what determines that your puppy learns to urinate abroad: the more you repeat the process and the more positive the reinforcement, the faster the dog will assimilate and information and will do so in that way.

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