Calm a nervous cat

We know that domestic cats are habit animals, once they establish a routine, and feel comfortable with it, the level of anxiety decreases and with it, nervousness. We must know that any change is from home, new members in the family or in very extreme cases, can cause them stress.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we want to help you, so let us give you tips to calm a nervous cat that can be yours or not. Let’s share some advice that will be helpful to you, so keep reading.

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The approach

The approach or approach in a nervous cat or stressed by some situation that bothers him, is usually more difficult to face. Once this barrier has been overcome we have been able to “tame the situation”.

When it comes to a cat that we do not know , whether it be a street cat or someone else, we do not know how to react, so we must use all our tools so that the approach is not a failure. There are cats that are very stressed with the presence of strangers, but we must learn to read the behaviors and signals that your body sends us.

Cats that have been subjected to some maltreatment usually regress with their arched loin, but not with bristly hairs, this is just a defensive behavior. Just like when he crouches, getting his body on the ground. We should gain their confidence, so it often turns out well to reach out with open palm to sniff and speak in a sweet, calm voice. There is no need to touch, just notice that there is no danger and that we will not do anything that could harm you.

Sometimes our own cat reacts nervously out of fear of something or some situation, sometimes unknown. Try not to act impulsively. Remember that in this case you should also gain your trust and if he does not want you to take it, you should not do it. It must go little by little, giving the space that he wants, to demonstrate to him through soft movements that there is no danger with us. We added words of consolation in a low tone and with patience. We can also resort to “bribery” , taking advantage of the fact that we know and know your tastes, and offer you your favorite toy or food you like, to get you out of this state of stress.

It is very important to respect your times. If you try to run away from us, we should never chase after you, leave you alone for at least half an hour to try again.

Spend time on a daily basis

Be our own feline as one who lives on the street, the ideal to manage to overcome the nervousness is to spend time with him by day. You must get used to our presence .

In the approach try to bring your hand closer to your snout, so that it sniffs us and gets used to our smell. Do not try to touch it, as this can be very invasive and lead to a setback in the small advances we have made. Always remember that the changes must be gradual, we can not expect instant positive reactions.

We can bring a toy and play with it to see if we can get your attention and out of curiosity, give in. The game acts as a distraction from your feline “worries” that are often responsible for stress. The game is very important . Especially if the cat is not yours, use a “fishing rod” toy to prevent it from scratching you accidentally.

In cats where we already have contact, not only visual, we can caress them, brush them and allow them to curl up next to us if they wish. This will strengthen the bond between both the cat and its owner.

The vet can help

The use of tranquilizers can help us in this type of behavior, in addition to attention and much love. It is not necessary to go with the cat to the consultation, as this would only cause you more stress, but rather contact the veterinarian to see what advice you can give us.

The acepromazine tends to be the most widely used tranquilizer and or prescribed at clinics. It is a depressant of the central nervous system that generates relaxation and indifference to the environment. Like any other medicine, the doses should be prescribed by a veterinarian.

We have healthier options like Rescue Remedy (Bach Floral) that relieves both mental and physical stress. It can occur in the mouth, drink or rub a drop on the head of your feline.

In homeopathy we also have great allies, but we must individualize our pet, so it is advisable to consult with a specialist. Check out all the benefits of homeopathy for animals in this other article.

The Reiki often help calm nervousness these states, helped by relaxing music and, in the case of not being able to touch, the distance can also act.

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