Avoid jealousy between children and dogs

At the time of pregnancy, questions arise of all kinds that include, in this case, your dog, since you do not know how the pet will respond to the arrival of the baby or what will do if you can not spend so much time with him.

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Jealousy is a natural feeling that comes when someone feels rejected within a nucleus because in this case another member is taking all the attention.

In this article by YourCatCareguide, you can read some advice so that your dog will never become jealous of the newcomer and even establish a relationship with him inside the home. Read on to learn how to avoid jealousy between children and dogs .

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Prepare the arrival of the baby

In this article on how to avoid jealousy between children and dogs, we will provide a short guide to understand all the steps to follow and prevent this undesirable situation from happening. For this it is necessary to change your usual routine before the arrival of the baby. That way, the dog begins to understand that things are not going to be like now but they will not be worse for this.

Involving your dog in this wonderful experience that is pregnancy is not a joke: the dog should participate in the process as much as possible, understanding in some way what will happen. Do not forget that dogs have a sixth sense, so let them get close to your belly .

Before the baby arrives, the whole family begins to prepare things: your bedroom, your crib, your clothes, your toys … You must allow the dog to sniff and move in an orderly and quiet manner close to what will surround the child . rejecting the dog at this point is the first step in creating jealousy toward the future family member. You should not be afraid that the dog will do something to you.

It is important to emphasize that if the walking and meal times can be changed after the arrival of the newborn, you should start preparing these changes as soon as possible: getting the dog to walk with someone else, having their food prepared, set an alarm so as not to forget certain habits, etc. Do not let your pet undergo a sudden change in your routine .

As soon as the baby comes into this world, let the dog smell the used clothes of the new family member. This will make you get used to its odor, a factor that will make you appreciate your arrival even more.

Presentation of the baby to the dog

As soon as the baby comes home, your puppy will do his best to find out what’s going on, and most likely he’s never seen a baby before. When you become accustomed to your scent, you will become more relaxed and confident with the presence of a being alien to him.

In the beginning it is normal that it costs to approach them too much, because you will be asking yourself “what if my dog ​​is confused and if you think it is a toy?”. There is very little chance of this happening, since the smell of the little one is mixed with yours.

Take your time to make the introductions with approach, but it is important that the dog has visual and gestural contact with the dog from the first day . Observe your attitude carefully.

Little by little, allow the dog to approach the baby. If your dog is good and docile to you, why would not it be with your baby?

Another completely different subject is the case of a dog whose character or reaction is unknown, being a adopted dog for example. In these cases, and if you really have questions about your reaction, we recommend contacting the shelter for information or hiring an ethologist to supervise the submission process.

Growth of the child next to the dog

By age 3 or 4, young children are usually sweet and affectionate with their puppies. When they grow up, they begin to experience and see everything around them more abruptly. You should teach your children what it really means to have a dog in the family , and what it implies: caring, affection, respect, company, responsibility, etc.

It is very important to teach your child that even if the dog does not respond to what is requested properly, it should never be hurt or forced to do anything at all: the dog is not a robot or a toy, it is a living being. A dog that feels attacked can react defensively, do not forget that.

In order for the child’s emotional coexistence and development to be ideal, he must share with his child all the responsibilities that a dog contributes, such as allowing him to accompany the walks, explaining how and when to give food and water, etc. . Including the child in these daily tasks is beneficial to him.

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