Tips to prevent your cat from releasing so much hair

Falling for dead cats coat is a natural and irreversible process . However, there are a few tips that can help minimize this process and improve living with your beloved feline.

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Continue reading this YourCatCareguide article where you will find some tips to prevent your cat from releasing so much hair . Do not forget to comment at the end and share your tips so that other readers can benefit from your advice!

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The brushing

The daily brushing is a very effective way to prevent the cats to fill the house and undoubtedly one of the best tips to prevent your cat release by both.

Brushing your cat’s hair daily is a routine you and your cat should get used to. Five minutes dedicated to each other will favor your relationship. The cat will feel happy for your care, you will be able to relax during these 5 minutes and you will save time to sweep the soil and get rid of the furniture.

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Specific tools

There are specific tools and tools to get the maximum amount of dead hair from the cat’s coat. One is called FURminator , which consists of a brush with closely attached bristles and an ergonomic gripping part. This brush has several varieties depending on the animal for which it is intended and the length of the hair. It may be a bit pricey but it is very efficient. It is recommended that you use it weekly.

There are also metal scrapers and thick bristle brushes. There are horsehair brushes that are thick, soft and that when brushing the cat’s hair with them, they are electrostatically charged and magnetizes the dead hair, attracting it to you.

The length of the bristle brush should be in line with the extent of your cat’s fur. If your cat has long hair, the bristle should be long. In the case of short-haired cats, the bristle should be short.

Summer brushing

One method of brushing the cat during the summer period, which coincides with the change of the cat’s hair, is to thoroughly soak a bath glove , to drain well and to pass it in the cat’s fur. Be careful not to put water in your cat’s eyes or ears.

This brushing will allow you to remove your cat’s dead hair at the same time as it will refresh your cat.


Foods rich in omega 3 and omega 6 strengthen the cat’s hair by nourishing its capillary bulb.

Make sure that the feed you give to your cat contains both elements in its composition, and if it is found to be deficient give the cat sardines or mackerel about twice a week. Whenever you give fish to your cat it is important that you eliminate the pimples and that it is roasted or cooked.


It is important that you check to see if your cat has fleas or other parasites, because if it has it will scratch very much damaging your fur.

Pipettes, antiparasite collars and bath with antiparasitic shampoos will be some ways to avoid harmful guests in your cat’s hair.

You should not forget the internal deworming of your cat, which may also influence the appearance of your fur.

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