Tips to prevent the dog from eating the plants

Puppies, especially puppies, are fanatical about the leaves of plants. Bite them, lick them and play with them because they like their acid and natural taste, and they like to explore the shrubs because they are curious about their smell and appearance.

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It is very common to see dog owners furious that their best friend has destroyed their precious garden, and even more common, they get frustrated because they can not control this behavior.

Luckily the war is not lost. Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where we will give you tips to prevent your dog from eating the plants . You will see that you will reach the desired goal with a good dose of distraction, training and more.

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Why bite the plants?

Your dog may be chewing, biting, destroying and enjoying your entire garden due to many reasons: lack of vitamins in your body, boredom , stomach pain (in this case seek the herb to improve the unpleasant sensation) and even to release stress when, for example, there are situations that generate unexpected changes or anxiety (the arrival of a new member to the family or a change, for example).

Vitamins, distraction and some citrus spray

  • Lack of nutrients . As we have already mentioned in other articles, eating is very important. Often dogs bite the plants because their body lacks the fiber needed to keep all the digestive processes in order. This act could be warning that your pet is making you. Analyze your diet and if the deficiency is present try adding a little bran (rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals) to your diet. A cereal made from bran flakes may be enough or change your feed to one containing higher doses of plant fiber rather than meats and grains.
  • It is also possible that your dog is bored and that the only way he can have some fun is to play with his plants. Put all the dog toys you can get throughout the house (as far from the garden as possible) . Make sure you have all the distractions you need to focus your attention on something other than your precious roses or herbs. Do not forget to pay attention and get involved in the game too .
  • If your dog begins to crawl near the garden, let him smell everything he wants (it is a natural and necessary attitude for dogs), but at the first moment he sees that he has intentions to bite say “No” energetically and safely (never aggressive), and move him away from the zone. If you are constant and do not pass up the opportunity, you will see how in a few days you will lose interest in your plants. If your dog does what he says and walks away on his own, he should reward his good attitude , this will help him to create a better habit because he will know that by not approaching the flowers he will get some reward.
  • In YourCatCareguide we do not believe in punishment, we believe in the correct education. Severely and directly punishing your puppy could only cause fear and contradictory emotions in him. The most intelligent way to reprimand him and, at the same time, the most indirect way possible, where your dog does not relate to punishment. An example is to put in plants a harmless but unpalatable spray . It can be lemon juice or sour apple that is on sale in all stores and garden centers, with the goal of keeping animals in the gardens away.

What if your dog continues to eat the plants?

  • Something very simple, but at the same time complicated, because we do not always have the availability to do it is to keep the plants out of reach of your dog . For example, if your friend is small, climb to the plants to a level he or she can not reach or even see. Now regardless of whether your pet is large or small, it may be that simply blocking access is the easiest way to keep it away. Surround the shrub or garden with something like a net or wire.
  • Dogs do not like walking on certain surfaces. A good way to keep them away from the garden is to extend articles that could cause you some uncomfortable feeling like aluminum foil, bubble wrap or pine cones. This will make a kind of protective barrier . Make sure that the elements you are going to use will not hurt you.
  • Remember that dogs are pure energy and that if we do not help them drain it regularly and appropriately, they will always find a way to do it and this might not be the most enjoyable, lack of exercise in the many dogs times favors undesirable behavior. Among the best exercises you can do with your best friend and that work to release the accumulated energy is finding yourself fetching things. If you strive to play with your dog and deplete your energy in a positive way, you will see how you will try to bite and eat less of your plants, you will be so tired that you will prefer to sleep than to approach them.

Do not forget that there are toxic plants for your dog . Review our list and make sure that in your garden or inside your apartment you do not have any of them.

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