Tips to prevent my dog ​​from smelling bad

Are you looking for home-made tips to keep your dog from smelling bad ? Then he came to the right place. At YourCatCareguide we would like to offer you some advices that will greatly improve this problem and that will allow you to finally breathe better.

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The bad smell can be due to several factors including the sweat, the dirt or the presence of fungi among others. Although most of the time due to causes that do not affect at all the health of our dog, it is important to rule out the hypothesis of any skin disease .

Do not miss this fantastic fantastic to be able to improve your dog’s scent with home remedies.

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1. Brush your dog regularly

Brushing is a necessary practice in the daily hygiene of dogs. With it, you will not only eliminate the dead hair, but also help eliminate dust and dirt that can get caught in the street and even the house.

It is important that you identify your puppy’s hair type so that you know how often to brush it. If you devote some time to this practice, you will be able to avoid knots and tangles, where dirt also accumulates. Find out the different types of brushes according to your dog’s hair to start as soon as possible.

In addition to the advantages we have already mentioned, brushing your dog will help improve the bond between you and will make your hair look brighter and more care.

2. Shower your dog only when you need it.

Bathing our pet is a very important routine to improve the smell of dogs, but be aware that you should not bathe in excess .

This is because dogs rely on a natural fat in the skin that protects them and isolates them from the environment. By eliminating this layer all too often we are unconsciously making our dog smell worse. Instead of giving it a shower, if you get a little soiled, you can use baby wipes by focusing more on the dirty area.

How often should I bathe my dog?

  • For short-haired puppies a bath will be enough every month and a half.
  • For long-haired puppies, one bath per month will suffice. In this case you should also apply a specific conditioner or softener for dogs to avoid the nodes.
  • For hard-haired puppies, such as the Westie, a bath will suffice every two to three weeks.
  • Finally, for curly-haired dogs, it will be sufficient to bathe once every 20 days.

One very useful trick that we encourage you to try is to add apple cider vinegar to your dog’s usual shampoo , this will make it smell better and longer . The mixture should be 50% shampoo and 50% apple cider vinegar. And the benefits do not end here, applying this all-natural product will make the dog’s hair look brighter and healthier.

Dry and perfume

You should know that bad drying also makes bad ones appear . With the towel we could not completely dry our pet, but on the other hand with the human dryer we frightened our dog. What should we do? You will find for sale dog specific dryers, a quiet and very useful device that the professionals use.

In addition and to enhance the smell of your dog can make a homemade scent totally natural and fast in your own home:

  1. Use a new plastic spray bottle
  2. Use a base of distilled water
  3. Add a tablespoon of almond oil
  4. Add one tablespoon of glycerin
  5. Finally, add a personal touch and add the juice of half a lemon or orange

This way you will have a unique perfume and it will not irritate your pet’s skin. Put all the ingredients in the new plastic spray pack, shake and it’s done!

Do not forget that after bathing it is essential to apply a pipette on your dog’s fur to prevent the appearance of fleas, ticks and mosquito bites.

4. Mouth and ears

Both the mouth and the ears are areas that produce bad smell, so it is essential that we maintain a correct and constant hygiene of these parts of our dog’s body.

To begin with, we should pay attention to the ears , a sensitive and delicate part. If you do not know how to clean your pet’s ears, know that you can go to your veterinarian for a practical demonstration.

  • Use a clean, new (sterilized) gauze, available at any pharmacy.
  • Cover your finger with the gauze and insert it into the dog’s ear canal, so it is important not to push in or apply too much pressure.
  • Stir your finger slowly and in a circular fashion.
  • Once you have finished with one ear change the gauze and use a new one for the other ear.

You should finish the hygiene process with your mouth, a part that usually smells especially bad . Most dogs do not follow a hygiene ritual, which causes them to accumulate excess tartar. To clean your dog’s teeth, it’s enough to get a dog-specific toothpaste and use your finger or a brush to brush them. Follow this routine once a day.

Also, to improve bad breath remember that it is better to offer you dry ration instead of moist food as well as acquire anti-tartar bones.

5. Take out dog house smell

If you really want to eliminate any trace of bad smell it is very important that you maintain a strict and regular cleaning at home. So you should pay attention to the corners where you can accumulate hair and use detergents that thoroughly disinfect to improve the quality of your pet’s environment. We also recommend that you use neutral air fresheners.

Something basic and super important is that you frequently clean all the elements of your dog like the bed, the clothes of your dog, the toys and other objects.

Combine cleanliness with your pet’s education by rewarding it every time you follow clean and hygienic behavior. Do not allow it to go up to sofas or armchairs, areas that we do not usually clean frequently, and congratulate you whenever you are in your bed. Remember that positive reinforcement is the best weapon of education.

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