Tips to prevent a cat from entering your garden

Many people come home to observe feces or plants uprooted in their garden. You may even find a strange cat resting quietly in your garden. The cat is an independent and daring mammal that will not hesitate to use your lawn as a bathroom or XL size scraper. If this is your problem, then keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where we will give you tips to prevent a cat from entering your garden .

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Natural repellents for cat

If your neighbor’s cat habitually uses your garden for different purposes, it will be very difficult to frighten him in a friendly way. The cat considers that your garden is a comfortable zone where you can make your needs or leave some dead bird as a gift. But you can take the cat away from your plants !

If you are tired of this situation, the best option is to try to use natural repellents that areeasy to apply and harmless to prevent the cat from entering your garden :

  • Water : Cats are not precisely water-friendly. Installing sprinklers or regularly watering your garden will cause dislike to the cat. There are motion-sensing electronic devices that release water jets.
  • Citrus : Citrus scents like lemon or orange are especially uncomfortable for cats. Avoid entering your garden by filling a spray bottle with the juice of these fruits. You can also leave the shells by the areas you usually use by changing them every 2 or 3 days.
  • Beware of food : If you suspect that you are going to your house for food, close the trash bags you may have on the street.
  • Lavender and thyme : Planting this type of plants will not only leave your garden more beautiful, but it is also an extra that will convert a stroll by its annoying property to the cat.
  • Ground coffee : Spreading dust through the garden is a good recommendation according to many people who have also suffered from this same problem.

The combination of these natural repellents can free you from uncomfortable visitors and prevent the cat from entering your garden. If after using all these tricks, continue with the same problem, keep reading.

Other repellents for cat

We recommend the use of natural products, since many commercial or other repellents can cause serious problems in the health of the cat and also cause infertility in your garden.

If you are still determined to stop the presence of cats, since none of the above remedies worked, you can use some of these ideas to prevent the cat from entering your garden :

  • Black pepper, cayenne, tabasco or chili : These elements are of natural origin, but even so in the YourCatCareguide we do not recommend its use because if they come into contact with the cat’s eyes, serious wounds and loss of vision can occur.
  • Terrain roughness : If the cat has a preferred zone you can add stones, mistletoe leaves or other material that makes access difficult.
  • Commercial repellents : In stores you can find different types of repellents for cats, dogs, rats … It is important to know how to use them.

Make yourself the strongest repellent to keep the cat from continuing into your garden by following these steps:

  1. Get a cardboard box or the identical one.
  2. Make small holes all over the surface.
  3. Introduce anti-mothballs, garlic cloves, orange peels and commercial repellents inside.
  4. Close the box properly with tape.
  5. Use one or more boxes in the most traveled areas of the cat.

Using electric fences, ultrasound or toxic products is totally inadvisable and should not be allowed. It may happen that some of these elements end up not only hurting the animal but also a child.

Remember that a cat does not understand as a human what is right or wrong and without its natural environment must adapt to large urbanizations, towns and cities.

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