Tips to motivate my puppy to play

Play and social interactions are fundamental to the dog’s well-being and happiness, so motivating you to play should be one of your top priorities in your day-to-day life. Plus, it’s a great way to improve your relationship.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will offer you a small guide of advice and tips to motivate your puppy to play , basic ideas to encourage you to exercise and have fun, whether at home or in the park. Keep reading and discover our advice.

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1. Outside the house

In general, outside the home the dog is in a much more diverse environment and rich in smells, people and stimuli. On the street we have a great variety of options to motivate your dog to play and to exercise with you.

  • You can go to the park and use any toy to motivate (balls, bones, teethers, …) as well as objects of the natural environment (sticks and branches). Sometimes dogs do not seem to show an interest in conventional toys, so you can look for one that makes noise to catch your eye.
  • If the toys do not seem to motivate your puppy enough, you can go to a dog park to get distracted by relating and chasing other dogs. For this, it is essential that your dog is well socialized so that he behaves appropriately with other dogs.
  • Taking a walk on the mountain or beach is a good option if you are an adult and healthy, because this way you will enjoy new places, running and getting to know new places is a good way to motivate the dog to have a good time.
  • We can also motivate dogs by chasing them anywhere, in fact dogs are very fond of human companionship, especially those who take care of them and protect them. For this reason playing with it is an excellent option.

2. At home

Although the exterior gives us more options, the truth is that in the home we can also motivate you to play . Without resorting to intense exercise we can also motivate the dog to play and have a good time:

  • Practicing obedience not only helps us to have an animal with serene and appropriate behavior, but is also a great way to motivate and play with it. Teach him to sit or look for other orders he has not yet learned on YourCatCareguide’s website. Practice every day for 15 minutes with prizes. Remember that you should always use positive reinforcement .
  • As you may know, food is a strong stimulant for the dog, so you will find a wide variety of intelligence toys available, such as Kong .
  • An economic version of the previous point is to hide food in the house waiting for the dog to find it. If your dog is unable to find the rewards, guide him.
  • Inside the home you can also use simple toys like balls and dolls if you do not look interested to include yourself in the pursuit activity with the toy.
  • It can motivate you to play fantasizing, or at least try to do so. Dogs like to get attention, you’re likely to enjoy a lot by letting yourself be pampered.

My dog ​​is still not motivated

If you think none of the previous tricks worked, then consider these factors:

  • Puppies may not properly relate toys to their own play activity, they must be constant and strive to motivate them. Take him to other dogs to learn from them and play with them and know how to behave.
  • Older dogs usually sleep much longer and show a very relaxed attitude towards the joke, it is age. If your dog is entering the elderly phase do not worry and keep trying to motivate you when you are awake or especially cheerful.
  • It may happen that the dog is over-stimulated with so much play, allow him to play when he wants, it may be that his personality is not especially playful.
  • Dogs with high stress levels may show stereotypies as well as generalized apathy when they move and interact. If you have recently adopted a dog should give you room to adapt and start recovering from your previous situation. Little by little it will open up.

If you can not motivate him at all and time is showing you that he does not recover, it may be wise to consult an ethologist specialist .

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