Tips for leaving the dog alone at home

If it is the first time you have a dog or you have just adopted one that you do not know about your character, it is normal for you to have questions about leaving you alone at home . Some dogs feel a strong anxiety about separation and when they say goodbye they can get to bite furniture and objects or howl without stopping.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we give you the best advice to leave your dog at home properly so as not to be a drama every time you leave the house for your day to day. Remember that patience and affection are the keys to solving this situation.

Keep reading and check out tips for leaving the dog alone at home .

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Leaving the dog alone at home is part of his learning that one must work properly so as not to create future behavior problems such as separation anxiety.

It is totally normal that the first few times your dog gets confused, lost and even scared when you leave, but it is important that this does not make you want to quit a bit, because your dog will learn to be alone. It will be fundamental to analyze in an appropriate way how we should act in those moments and what factors we must take into account in order for the animal to feel comfortable and safe.

Animal welfare

Not all dogs can be left alone under the same conditions or in the same way, something we are going to talk about next, but there is one thing that everyone has in common: they should be able to enjoy the 5 freedoms of animal welfare :

  • Free from hunger, thirst and malnutrition
  • Free from discomfort
  • Free from pain and illness
  • Free to express yourself
  • Free from fear and stress

Although it seems obvious to us that we have done so, you must note the small details that each of the freedoms hides. A simple tick or poor walking can be the cause of animal malaise and non-compliance with freedoms.

Being able to offer your pet a totally healthy state is sometimes tricky but working the right way we can enjoy a happy and relaxed dog.

Safe and adequate area

To avoid possible problems it will be essential to be clear as it should be the place where we will leave our dog. Having a comfortable bed and fresh water in abundance will be crucial for the dog to feel in a safe and comfortable zone.

Do not leave the doors of the rooms open and the kitchen open. You should make sure you can not damage anything or rummage in your things, which could bite. Use that part of your home that you think will suit you best. A terrace or small room should be avoided at all costs as well as cold, pointy objects or excessive noise.

Another detail to take into account is the importance of not leaving an Elizabethan collar or muzzle, unless the ethologist has recommended it. It is very important that you understand that a dog that has no freedom of movement can suffer from severe anxiety problems.

Rides before leaving home

Before leaving the house, you have to make sure you leave your dog in good condition. We advise you to take a good walk and exercise with him if you are a very active dog. During the walk should allow you the freedom to smell and do your needs until you are satisfied, you will know when it is time to return home.

After the walk you should give her your meal , never before, so do not suffer from a stomach twist . It can give you to eat once a day or two, as you prefer.

After a proper walk and eating, your puppy should find himself slightly tired and calm.

How To Leave It Alone

Before leaving the dog alone for many hours should make sure that it will be okay. To do this, it will be essential to follow two steps and apply them progressively for a few days:

  1. When you are in the same house, leave your dog in a limited area , without being able to approach him for short periods (5-10 minutes). Pay no attention to it if you cry and pervade it whenever you behave properly when the time runs out. Increase the periods progressively (20-40 minutes).
  2. The second step is to leave your house for short periods (15-30 minutes) and, as in the previous case, increase the time of your outings progressively. Little by little your pet will become accustomed to being without its presence.

When is the right time to leave you alone?

You will know when it is the right time to leave it alone for more than 1 hour. Your in-house behavior during your little outings should guide you to know if your dog is able to remain quiet at home without his presence.

Behavioral problems

It is common for your dog to develop small behavioral problems early on. Next, we will explain to you the most usual and what you should do about it:

  • Bite the furniture : It is normal and understandable that the puppies bite furniture or other objects. It is also common in nervous adults or who suffer from separation anxiety. The best you can do is offer you various toys to entertain when you are not.
  • Non-stop barking: Dog barking can occur in many cases and in different ways: shouting, anxiety, malaise … Identifying the cause will be essential to understanding what our dog wants to communicate to us.
  • Separation anxiety: Separation anxiety is a serious problem that causes malaise in the dog. It is essential to treat it properly, as soon as possible and with the appropriate mechanisms. An excellent tool to treat it is kong.
  • Eat everything you find : A poor diet or a possible illness can be the cause of your pet eating everything that you find on the ground. In this situation you should consult the veterinarian.

As you can see, there are several situations that many owners face, if your dog is also one of them, you should know to solve the problem as soon as possible. The canine educators can guide you and offer you advice appropriate to your specific case.

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