3 Tips to Feeding a Small Breed Puppy

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Tips to Feeding a Small Breed Puppy

We humans have long regarded these loyal, fuzzy creatures as our “best friends”. A quick Google search will tell you that roughly three-fourths of American pet-owners had dogs as their pets. Indeed, these four-legged cuties have won the heart of millions of people.


Lots of people would want a doggo in their homes (or even at work if the company allows), and the quickest way is to drive to a local pet shop and buy one. But for some who want to see their four-legged best friend grow from being a tiny cutie to a grown-up one, they would opt to get a puppy instead, be it from a pet shop, a friend or relative, or from pet rescue. They would care for these pups from infancy, give them a charming name, play with them, and even sleep together with them on the same bed.


But having puppies is not all fun and games, and it is most certainly not magic. Behind the charm and adorability, there must be hard work on the part of the pet-owner to feed, care, and vaccinate them.

Tips to Feeding a Small Breed Puppy

Regarding food for our little canine friends, they don’t usually eat what a grown-up dog would. They need food with a unique formulation that will meet their individual nutritional needs. There must be a careful consideration in choosing and feeding puppies with the correct small breed puppy food. We certainly wouldn’t want our puppies to get the wrong nutritional intake, right? That’s how much we love them.


  1.    Realize that each pup is different from the rest

Just like us as humans, our best friends share the same form of diversity with one another of their kind. This goes to say that no two puppies are precisely alike, and there is not one single glorified supplement that can feed all kinds of puppies. The burden of doing the assignment in choosing the right food lies on the pet-owner and the veterinarian. The owner must research the food and its ingredients, and see how the puppy will react to the supplement. Poor nutrition can result in a variety of diseases to our canine companions. So it’s wise to always look at ingredient information, manufacturer company profile and history, and check for quality checks by the proper agencies and government organizations.


  1.    Know how much is too much

While puppies may tend to eat a lot, but too much is not good. Most dog supplements have information on the correct eating time and quantity, but you also have to monitor as well as to how your canine friend reacts.

Tips to Feeding a Small Breed Puppy

  1.    Feed them at set times, not randomly

This will imprint a mental picture on our pups so they can easily find a pattern. They could know when to expect food based on a schedule.

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