Tips for your dog not to get sick in the car

Traveling with our puppy by car is almost essential, since other means of transport such as the public sometimes put some obstacles in the transport of animals.

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In the car is where our dog goes better, because it will have space and we can stop during the trip for him to leave and stretch his paws. But for everything to go well and your pet does not end up getting bored with the trip, in this article of ExpertAnimal we will give you some tips for your dog not to get sick in the car .

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Let the dog use the car

Regardless of whether your dog might have more or less predisposition to motion sickness on the road, it will always help to get the dog used to riding a car since he is a puppy . When they are young, they absorb all experiences and incorporate them into their natural context.

Therefore, it is recommended that from very small make small trips or short exits with him in the car. Because if when you are older you have never experienced this, it may be that when you want him to get in the car, the dog sees it as unusual and nervous, causing him an indisposition.

Regardless of whether you are a small dog or an adult, you should gradually increase your travel time. First trips should be short, a maximum of 10 minutes . The car should go at a proper speed because if it is too fast the impact will be greater for your dog.

It is important that you accustom your dog to getting into the transport box . To do so, read our article on this subject.

Positive association: car = fun

Positive association is really important. If we want to prevent our dog from getting sick in the car, we have to relate it to something relaxing and fun. That is, if we just take him to the vet to go to the veterinarian, it is logical that the experience scares him, does not like it and can end up in nausea.

Going in the car is something abnormal until we get used to the sensations, the movements, the noises, everything is unknown and can be unsettling for your dog until you get used to it, because you do not know to what you should so much. Therefore, it is important to take these tips into account:

  • Before a trip : Although sometimes a trip can be stressful, we must try to be relaxed because our state of mind is transmitted to our pet. So we have to be calm and prepare all the necessary accessories calmly. Besides, it will be very positive to have given him a good lap before to make him tired and wanting to sleep on the trip.
  • After a trip : In the first few times, we have to end the trip in a fun place for him. This way, when entering the car will associate you with pleasant experiences. We can go to a park or a playground. And even if you do not go to a place with a park, you can always reward your behavior with a prize, a dose of jokes and caresses.

Tips for traveling by car

Although the dog feels good and associates the car with positive things, it can physically feel bad during the trip. To avoid as much as possible your nausea, you should take a series of more physiological measures such as the following:

  1. You should not feed him in the hours before the trip. This prevents a bad digestion.
  2. It should hold it tightly with a specific belt for pets, so it prevents it from moving in sudden accelerations or sudden stops.
  3. If during your trip with your favorite toy or plush doll and with a person next to you caress it, it may be that he relaxes more.
  4. Lastly, it is important to stop every hour as much as you can to do your needs, stretch your paws and drink water. You can not take a long trip at once, as this will tire you quite a bit.

Consult your veterinarian in case of persistent nausea

If in spite of all these efforts, observe that your dog gets very bad at car travel and can not get used to it, keeps getting sick and gets too tired, should go to the vet with him.

There are medicines that help your pet to get sick or not to get sick at all. And if you can help your dog naturally, even better. The important thing is that he can do his life normally.

The car will be part of your routine , so if your dog suffers from nausea take him to the vet to prescribe an appropriate medicine to stop suffering in the trips. Sometimes these medicines make the dog get used to going in the car with ease and end up not needing anything to travel.

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