Tips for Training a Yorkshire

We know that small breed dogs are truly genuine and that their small structure often encompasses a great personality that blends seamlessly with gentleness, care and intelligence.

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This is the case of the Yorkshire Terrier , a breed from Great Britain which, far from being conceived as a race of hunters to control certain pests, was designed to be spoiled and pampered, which led to many prejudices towards dogs of this breed , who often do not have the proper education.

Are you a yorkie or are you planning on adopting one? Then you should know that training is of great importance to this dog. In this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some tips to train a Yorkshire .

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The temperament of the Yorkshire Terrier

Some varieties of Yorkshire do not even weigh 1 kilo in adulthood, but despite this, they are characterized by a marked and genuine temperament , of which we can highlight the following traits:

  • It is a dog full of energy that manifests it jumping, barking, shaking continuously, etc. The owner should help channel this energy productively to avoid having a hysterical and anxious dog.
  • Its nature is neither submissive nor obedient, since it has a strong territorial instinct.
  • It is a dog that is truly intelligent and has an excellent memory, so you can learn quickly.
  • It is sweet and affectionate, however, it is also very demanding with its owner, needing its contact and its presence in a continuous way.
  • His extraordinary auditory system makes him one of the best guard dogs, as is the case with numerous small breeds.
  • It is a dog familiar and familiar, so much that it clearly perceives any change of routine, nevertheless it must be recognized that it is a patient dog with the children .
  • Yorkshire needs toys because it likes to play and its nature is very joyful.
  • It gets along well with other animals, whenever rules are established for coexistence.
  • Your character can easily balance, however, so you need daily walks.

As we see his temperament is very accentuated, while lovely, but it requires us to know how to train a Yorkshire properly .

Yorkshire is a dog, not a child.

One of the main problems we find when talking about the Yorkshire Terrier dressage is precisely its sweetness, affection and its truly adorable expression, which, together with their small size, make this dog an ideal pet to pamper.

Many of the behavior problems of this breed are due to the attitude of the owners, who treat their pets as if they were children, when they are dogs that can suffer when we want to humanize them.

In order to discipline a Yorkshire Terrier and stand firm against its lovable expression, we must be clear as follows:

  • It is a capricious dog, so to educate it is necessary not to pamper it.
  • We should not pamper him in excess, he needs affection, but not as much as a baby may need.
  • We should not give in to him when he simply asks us for affection, we should only give him when he deserves it.

Due to the Yorkshire characteristics, complying with these rules can be difficult, but absolutely necessary.

Positive reinforcement

All puppies need to learn from positive reinforcement , which we could summarize as follows: do not give a damn about mistakes and reward good behavior .

Positive reinforcement consists of rewarding our dog with caresses, caring words or canine treats (or all these stimuli in parallel) when performing an order in an appropriate manner.

On the contrary, in order to train a Yorkshire , you should not beat or yell at him, as this will cause a state of stress and anxiety that will not enable good learning.

What is of great importance is that it demonstrates itself as an owner who is not willing to give in, who is capable of dominating the situation and who will maintain his position. For example, if you do not want your pet to go to the couch, do not let him do this under any circumstances, if you allow him to exceed that limit, he is very likely to do it again, although you will not leave him.

Keep in mind that with a Yorkshire it is of great importance to clearly mark the boundaries and not to give in once they have been defined.

Walks with Yorkshire

To start your pet on your daily walks it is important that you progressively get used to it so you can enjoy the walks in full, as you will be able to train the Yorkshire .

First you should get used to the use of the collar, put it in the first steps so that you feel comfortable with it, and when you have used it to the collar, you should put on the leash and take it for a walk.

Let the dog move freely with the strap so you can experience the sensation, then you should teach him the basic “come” order.

To avoid unwanted tugging during the ride, it is important to teach him to walk beside you, so keep your head close to your leg.

Avoid hazardous intake

It is very important to train your Yorkshire to avoid any accidental ingestion that could be harmful to it, since it is a very active and energetic dog, in the curiosity of discovering your surroundings can damage many objects , or worse, hurt yourself themselves.

To do this, he must work with edible prizes, which he will leave in the sun to teach him the order “leaves”, in this way the dog will learn to distance himself from possible objects he may encounter.

Never stop working with your Yorkshire

We believe that Yorkshire education is a process that takes place only during the puppy stage , but your behavior should be strengthened also during the adult stage, so you can maintain the balance of your temperament.

Yorkshire is a very familiar dog, so if you are willing to adopt one of them, we recommend that you tell us all about separation anxiety , and finally complement all the information we have given you with various canine training tricks .

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